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5 metaverses of fashion brands

9 November 2022


METAVERSE AND FASHION - Fashion also enters the metaverse. More and more clothing brands are choosing to become part of this new way of communicating. So much so that in March 2023 will return the Meta Fashion Week, the fashion week that takes place entirely in the metaverse. Among the fashion companies that have chosen virtual reality are many Italian names, including 3JUIN, the Romagna brand that interprets the female personality condensed into a single "manifesto" between fashion, style and fun.

Discover 5 metaverses dedicated to fashion

Louis Vuitton’s NFT collection

One of the first big fashion brands to enter the metaverse was Louis Vuitton. The French fashion house has done so by launching a collection of NFT viewable through the app 'Louis: The Game'. The goal of the metaverse is to bring young people closer by playing and overcoming various challenges can win various NFTs. I not-fungible tokens depict the brand’s new mascot, which is nothing more than an anthropomorphic version of the company monogram.

The metaverse of Burberry

In the middle of summer 2022 Burberry launched a collection of 5 'virtual' bags for exclusive use inside the Roblox Metaverso. Consumers can buy these items at the figure of 800 Robux, or the currency of Roblox, which has exchange 1 to 9.99 euros.

The collection of bags is not the only action that Burberry has made in Metaverso, in fact it has signed a partnership agreement with the online video game Blankos Block Party (BBP). This platform creates a fully integrated virtual world with a true NFT-based economy. You can buy, exchange and sell items of all kinds, including clothes, with which to accessorize their avatars.

The transactions have as protagonists items that are only for use and consumption within the Metaverso, but the economic consequences that generate are reflected in real life. The exchange of virtual money (cryptocurrencies) translates into physical revenues perceptible in the balance sheet of the investing company and for the consumer,

The 3JUIN virtual showroom that connects with 3 other metaverses

There are three projects with which the three sisters Perla, Antonia and Margherita Alessandri of the footwear company 3JUIN have given life in the metaverse. The first in order of release is the hologram present in the showroom of Massimo Bonini, in Milan, which transmits a 3D spot on the history of the brand. The 'Kimi' sandal, inside the movie, is added to its iconic feather creating a creative effect with a floating design.

Another project is a highly immersive metaverse, within which you can handle and observe, through your avatar, the shoes of the brand’s new collection. In addition to admiring the footwear collection, you can also enter the offices of Perla, Antonia and Margherita and interact with them.

This metaverse is also part of an even larger project. In fact, thanks to a new platform, it can communicate with two other metaverses that are always accessed with the same avatar that represents a kind of landing-page for all the others, a real "landing place" for the other metaverses.

3JUIN Metaverse

The upside-down experience of United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton. Inside the metaverse of Sandbox there is a store of the fashion house that during the fashion week of Milan 2021 gave life to a real reversal of the immersive experience.

It is usually the realities in the metaverse that are inspired by those present in the physical world. United Colors of Benetton has created an experience in reverse. It was in fact the store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan to be inspired in every way by the one hosted in Sandbox.

To differentiate the two realities was the way in which the user could enjoy the store. In fact, in the metaverse customers could turn and participate in activities and games with the aim of earning points to be converted into vouchers to spend in the physical store.

There is also sportswear with Adidas

As happened with Louis Vuitton, Adidas, the well-known sportswear brand, has created, on Sandbox, an NFT collection entitled 'Into the Metaverse'. Adidas club customers can buy, paying in cryptocurrencies, The various NFTs that virtually reproduce the products of the Adidas Originals line, also available in the physical version. Not only that, the various users also have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new products.

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