Microsoft launches AI image generator for Bing

15 April 2023


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Bing Image Creator is a useful tool for creating custom and original images. It using a wide selection of images and advanced customization tools. It was launched in March by Microsoft thanks to the integration of Dall-E 2, an AI-based image generation tool developed by OpenAI.   

Bing Image Creator, the AI for Microsoft images

Bing Image Creator uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to suggest related images and adapt the design according to user choices. In addition, you can customize the size and layout of the image, as well as download it in different formats.

Users can select images from a wide range of categories, including nature, art, animals, combine them with text and shapes to create a unique image. The user can also upload their own images and embed them into the creation.

Not only that, it allows you to create images from scratch from a text description provided by the user. The more detailed the description, the greater the chances of generative AI creating what is required of it. It is currently only able to understand English language input, but will soon be available in all languages.

Microsoft headquarters

Collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft

The US computer giant invested, in 2019 alone, 1 billion dollars in OpenAI. To this figure could be added another 10 billion dollars for a multi-year operation would bring the company creator of ChatGPT to be worth 29 billion. The agreement was to be signed in 2022, but it was not yet signed.

Like ChatGPT, Bing Image Creator has limitations on what you can ask for. Microsoft wrote:

"When it detects the possibility of a prompt generating a potentially malicious image, our system blocks the prompt itself and alerts the user. In addition, it is made explicit that images created by Image Creator are generated by an AI, and in the lower left corner of each image we insert a modified Bing logo".

Bing Image Creator vs Midjourney

Bing Image Creator is not the first of its kind. Midjourney has spread over the past six months. It is an independent research laboratory that explores new means of thinking and expands the imaginative powers of the human species. It’s a small, self-financed team focused on design, human infrastructure and AI. Working on Midjourney are 11 employees who are joined by an incredible group of consultants.

Midjourney works much like Big Image Creator, but the quality achieved by Discord’s AI is surprisingly higher at the moment.

"The images created by Midjourney are bordering on perfection, especially when you think about the limited time of diffusion of this technology. The more detailed we are in providing information to AI, the more the image created reflects our expectations. There is still room for improvement, because it tends to still carry some distortions in the details of human figures, or in the reproductions of the interiors of a room" - Carlotta Casini, graphic designer.

"To understand the value of Bing Image Creator we’ll have to wait a few months. What will make the difference will be the training capacity of generative AI and therefore the ability of the pool of experts that deals with updating artificial intelligence" - Simone Del Pace, UI expert.

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