Flag of Israeli, where cryptos in blacklist can be confiscate

Cryptos in blacklist can be confiscate in Israel

19 December 2022


Tel Aviv, Israeli court decided that authorities can confiscate cryptos which are in blacklist: they are 150 units. 

These cryptos probably belong to terrorist groups. 

First cryptos that has been authorize to be confiscate by B. Gantz - Israeli Defense Minister - are digital money that are for certain property of terrorists. 

Since 2007, Hamas is recognize as a terrorist organization in different countries. From 2019, it asked to its members and supporters to transmit money using Bitcoin. 

On 2021, Gantz established that all crypto accounts with presumed relate with Hamas, will be seized.

Because of privacy, nobody knows the value of the money confiscate. 

SOURCE: CoinTelegraph 


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