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Good Bitcoin performance. CZ, ceo of Binance, about zero commision policy


Bitcoin registered the best results form march 2022, datas similar to what happened in 2013. Changpeng Zhao said on social media. Here's what CZ tweeted: "I think this is due to zero commissions and people trying to get VIP levels. We will exclude BTC trading from VIP calculations. Remove all incentives for the wash trade. Announcement with details coming soon".

Close to $ 20,000, the crypto queen had benefited powerfully from Binance's choice to extend the zero-fee policy globally. Bitcoin has been following an up and down trend over the past 48 hours. However, a few days ago it was the protagonist of a steady growth that brought it above the 21,500 dollar mark. One of the main reasons for many analysts is Binance's choice of the zero trading fee program. This must have been good for Bitcoin which for three days in a row got news in its selling price. However, it is currently down by a paltry 3.91%, leading the cryptocurrency to be traded for a value of $ 20,392, with a market capitalization of $ 389.68 billion.

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