How to Blockchain and Metaverse exploit 5G

How Blockchain and Metaverse exploit 5G

11 December 2022


5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is the newest global wireless. It's a new kind of network that connect virtually everyone and everything. 

How 5G impact on new technologies 

Akilesh Tuteja - who serves as the Global Cyber Security practice Co-leader for KPMG India - said that 5G will play a pivotal role in advancing the use of Web3 technologies. An increasing number of enterprise are embarking on the use of Web3 technologies and especially Metaverse”.

The 5G technologies were born to connected heterogeneous devices and machines with drafting improvements in term of high quality of service. 

The vision of 5G technologies is to provide a customized and advanced user-centric value, enabling human interconnection. 

5G and Blockchain

Thanks to 5G’s speed and energy, the combination 5G with Blockchain turned out to be successful. 

Blockchain warranted data protection and accuracy and has the possibility to be integrated with the 5G systems to empower mobile networks. 

Blockchain was considered one of the most necessaries technologies to employ on technical drivers for 5G at the 2018 Mobile World Congress. 

This combination will give more opportunities to mobile services. 

Users have to pay attention to the energy consumption. But, luckily, 5G has been projected to provide maximum energy efficiency. 

Blockchain for 5G technologies 

Blockchain is cooperating with 5G enabling technologies like cloud computing, edge computing, Network Function Virtualization, Network Slicing and D2D communication. 

5G services for Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a solution to facilitate the next-generation mobile communication networks for 5G services. 

Blockchain for 5G IoT applications 

The development of 5G networks would be the solution of  IoT’s expansion. 

To simplify IoT’s progresses, we use in fact 5G technologies.

Metaverse needs 5G 

When we speak about “Metaverse”, we refer to a reality composed of persistent, online, 3D universe that incorporates different virtual spaces. 

Metaverse's quality is to be immersive: 5G solutions make this universe hypnotic.  

Also to split or remote rendering architectures 5G give support to developers. 

5G allows users to browse at high speed: in fact, in just a few milliseconds, users find themselves catapulted into an ultra-realistic parallel world.

Metaverse created a developer community. 5G make better connection between network and the applications through APIs. This implementation gives birth to a generation of first-class citizens of 5G ecosystem. 

SOURCE: Ericcson


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