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26 Settembre 2022
Metaverse: from Oculus to Discord

From the purchase of Oculus VR by facebook which dates back to almost ten years ago to the creation of single meta account (just created) as well as putting oneself at the service and vice versa of all the builders of metaverse, and even more -> the fashion/tendency to create communities. But, let's start with […]

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9 Settembre 2022
Cryptocurrencies for the environment

BLOCKCHAIN PROOF OF STAKE - DTL technologies - Distributed Ledger Technology - such as blockchain, bring with them, from the moment of their networking, environmental impact critiques. Ethereum blockchain has announced that it is ready to leave the old validation method with a new one. The Merge, is the name of the new one, will […]

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3 Settembre 2022
Crypto Trading: when it is "safe"

Spend time Trading through one of the safest and most well-know crypto wallets in the world is certainly not dangerous practice for your savings, indeed! Obviously there are rules to follow and you have to start from the applications for beginners even if they cost a little more and they are not so precise (from […]

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30 Agosto 2022
Metaverse welcomes made in Italy food

MADE IN ITALY METAVERSE - The Virtual Store Loft Italy is born that brings food made in Italy in the Metaverso. Tourists will have access to unique experiences related to the world of food, from buying products to real cooking class. The food & beverage sector and the Metaverso market Food is not only a […]

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17 Agosto 2022
How to recognize a valid Cryptocurrency

About cryptocurrencies every day we can read every kind of news and these are usually very alarming news. In truth, only those who have not paid attention have taken a fraud. There are may ways to have some satisfaction with cryptocurrencies and the fisrt way is definitely to make small investments and monitor them every […]

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