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22 May 2023
Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day: The Revolutionary First Real Bitcoin Transaction

May 22 is a milestone in the history of Bitcoin, remembered as the Bitcoin Pizza Day. It is celebrated as the day the first real transaction was made using this cryptocurrency. The first real Bitcoin transition: Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day On May 22 each year, cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. This […]

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17 May 2023
Ripple acquires Metaco

Ripple is a company that build breakthrough solutions - thanks to blockchain technology - for a world without economic borders. Metaco is a Swiss enterprise technology company that has software and technology solutions able to store, trade and manage any types of digital assets with a high level of security and agility. On May 17, […]

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1 April 2023
Silicon Valley and cryptocurrencies: a relationship of challenge and opportunity

The Silicon Valley, the beating heart of technological innovation, has an ambivalent relationship with cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, many of the companies that make up Silicon Valley have been instrumental in the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. On the other hand, many of these same companies have […]

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31 October 2022
Doge’s growth after Twitter’s acquisition 

Dogecoin surged more than 70% on Saturday after Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk.  The Tesla Inc CEO, a cryptocurrencies supporter, has influences prices of Dogecoin and Bitcoin.  Musk tweeted that he will create a new twitter version, an “everything app”.  The blockchain intelligence platform IntoTheBlock, revealed that the Doge holders are “making money at current […]

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18 October 2022
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain unite Switzerland and the UAE

BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTOCURRENCIES SWITZERLAND UAE  - The United Arab Emirates has launched the strategy linked to the Metaverse. The government of Dubai aims, in fact, to create 40,000 jobs in the virtual sector by 2030 and to encourage companies in the territory to rely increasingly on Blockchain technology. The same objective is also set by the […]

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17 August 2022
How to recognize a valid Cryptocurrency

About cryptocurrencies every day we can read every kind of news and these are usually very alarming news. In truth, only those who have not paid attention have taken a fraud. There are may ways to have some satisfaction with cryptocurrencies and the fisrt way is definitely to make small investments and monitor them every […]

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