Interaction between frameworks

Interaction between frameworks with the new EU law

2 November 2022


Interaction between frameworks: thanks to the new EU law, messaging and apps buy could interoperate with messaging and apps to other companies.

Under the Digital Market Act (DMA), the most important entities - like Google or Apple - could be set to unlock their services and programs to other developers. Maybe it will be an update that will introduce what we call “shared-software”.

Is certain that Apple will be selected as “gatekeeper” due to its annual turnover. So it will be subject to the new DMA’s rules. The DMA could force Apple to revolutionize App Store, iMessage, FaceTime and Siri - in Europe. 

This law can’t apply to UK because of Brexit. 

The share-rules mean that the Meta apps like Whatsapp or Messenger could interoperate with Apple’s exclusive frameworks. Apple can’t refuse to applicate these rules and it would be forced by EU.

Companies that don’t follow these new rules, could be punished and could be subtracted their annual turnover of up to 10%. And up to 20% of their turnover for repeated rule breaking. 



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