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Magic Leap2 glasses available for companies by next september

15 July 2022


For about 3000 dollars (for the companies) by next September you can get a new view of the meta-reality. Magic Leaps announces its new glasses to be used in the metaverse. Magic Leap is an American company that launched the homonymous mixed reality glasses in 2018.In September, the manufacturer will make the second version available, priced at $ 3,299, initially for businesses only - ANSA said.

The glasses, named Leap 2, feature a wider field of view and a better fit. Magic Leap has already distributed the goggles to a limited number of partners, including neurotech company SyncThink and other medical companies. By September Leap 2 will be available for purchase in several markets, including the US, Italy, UK, Germany, France and Spain. Available in three packages, what changes is the software support. The $ 3,299 "Basic" package includes glasses and a limited warranty. The $ 4,099 "Developer Pro" option adds development software tools and access to early software releases, but is limited to in-house development, not full commercial distribution.


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