New Fraud found by MetaMask

New Fraud found by MetaMask

13 January 2023


A new fraud came from Web3.

The tricksters can generate wallet addresses from generators and link the first and last role from their subjects’ wallets addresses.

This new fraud was called by MetaMask “Address Poisoning”. 

In a recent Tweet they wrote:

“A new scam called 'Address Poisoning' is on the rise. Here's how it works: after you send a normal transaction, the scammer sends a $0 token txn, 'poisoning' the txn history. They use an address with the same first & last few characters as the real transaction you sent; in hopes you will not check the full address, and instead copy theirs in a future txn. You can protect yourself by double-checking the full address, or by using the Address Book feature”. 

SOURCE: CoinTelegraph 


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