Roblox: the Map of an Eco-Village Made in Italy is open

6 October 2022


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Roblox -> not just a game, but survival, buildings, adventures and now also a special map Made in Italy! Roblox metaverse is the most popular metaverse in the world with Fortnite and Sandbox and others of game origin, but the number of its users per day are absolutely unbeatable, more than fifty millions!

News from Roblox Metaverse

On October 7th 2022, the map of an Eco-Village Made in Italy will be open to the public, it is linked to the Social Start Up BEtenABLE a social initiative for the ecological and digital transition (you can find BEtenABLE in tik tok, facebook, instagram, you tube, discord, twitter, spatial metaverse and somewhere else). It will be a map with important weekly developments to involve not only visitors but also companies that deal with renewable energy or real estate, company builders, and others; there are many visibility opportunities for everyone within this map - the difference from a marketing point of view will be made by the incredible visibility of this metaverse!

The name of the map gives an idea of everything we need to reconstruct, visit it -> Ultimate Survival Eco-Village

To maintain the relationship between visitors and this map there will also be something unique, the first free Pet Cemetery (Cemeterse) in the world, in fact the visitor can leave the photo and the name of his late pet and will have his own space for him/her- all this for free

Ecological transition

Returning to the ecological transition, the goal of this project called BEtenABLE ( practically a complete influencer) is to spread knowledge and viralize an eco-mood and a "be positive" trend, at the moment the idea is no profit, in any case there is a very limited collection of NFTs (published on OpenSea and present in a gallery on the spatial metaverse) for the inauguration of the map - these nft in the home and random green collection are currently at a very low price and if the map as well as the initiative were to find important lenders they would acquire a very interesting value in a short time

How important it is to explore the metaverse

Exploring the metaverses it will be easy to understand what opportunities they reserve for people, professions and companies, both from a news point of view of visibility of graphics interactivity and emotions.

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