Samsung Artificial Intelligence galaxy Ai

Galaxy AI: introducing new features and capabilities

10 July 2024


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The usual Samsung Unpacked event was held, in which the company presented many novelties in the field of folding smartphones, smartwatches and the brand new Galaxy Ring. But the protagonist of the event was undoubtedly artificial intelligence.

New features for Galaxy AI

The new version of Galaxy AI maintains all the previous features seen on the Samsung Galaxy S24, adding innovations that further enhance the AI component in devices. Among the functions already known, we find Live Translation, Interpreter (also usable with compatible earphones), Circle and Search (which now includes the live translation mode), Notes Assistant, Transcription Assistant and a suite of photo editing tools much appreciated by industry professionals.

One of the main novelties of Galaxy AI is the availability of these features even for third-party apps, no longer exclusive to those developed by Samsung. In addition, Galaxy AI integrates Gemini, making it easier to recall the AI assistant from the smartphone screen and within individual applications. Users can now take advantage of this tool for writing, scheduling tasks and much more.

Innovations in Samsung Notes and the AI keyboard

Samsung Notes becomes a real smart assistant, able to transcribe and summarize audio directly from the app, do live translations, set text formatting and take notes. Samsung’s keyboard is also powered by AI with the Composer feature, which helps users generate texts for email or social networks. This feature analyzes the user’s profile and his tone of voice to create posts and messages consistent with the personal style.

Improvements for the camera compartment

Galaxy AI also improves the camera compartment, helping the smartphone to recognize the framed subjects and follow them in their movements. These innovations make it easier to take professional-quality shots and videos.

The main functions of Galaxy AI

  • Live Translation: Helps in real-time translations for on-screen calls and texts in 13 different languages.
  • Interpreter: An enhanced version of Google Translate that acts as a simultaneous translator even offline.
  • Circle and Search: Use Google Lens to select photo or video details and start quick web searches.
  • Photo and Video Editing: A suite of tools that allows you to retouch and edit multimedia content in a professional way.
  • Notes Assistant: Helps manage daily tasks, take notes, organize notes and set reminders.
  • Transcription Assistant: Allows you to transcribe recordings, summarize them or translate them in real time.

Dissemination and compatibility

According to Tm Roh, president of Samsung’s Mobile Experience division, by the end of 2024 Galaxy AI will be available on about 200 million devices worldwide. The new features will be compatible with Android 14 and the One UI 6.1 user interface. Devices ready to receive these features include all models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and all tablets of the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

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Samsung Artificial Intelligence galaxy Ai

Galaxy AI: introducing new features and capabilities

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