Slack and Teams' compromised security 

Slack and Teams security compromised

10 October 2022


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Slack and Teams - for those who don’t know them - are two new ways to communicate by bringing people together to work as one unified team. Additionally, Teams has the possibility to do video calls. 

Recently, one group of researchers found that these apps are subject to third-party programs: this means that they’re not safe. People’s big data could be compromised and diffused. 

Earlence Fernandes, a researcher who examined these case study  at the University of California at San Diego, said that “Slack and Teams are becoming clearinghouses of all of an organization’s sensitive resources”.

“The apps running on them, which provide a lot of collaboration functionality, can violate any expectation of security and privacy users would have in such a platform” - added. 

The giants - of course - denied what researched said: Microsoft rejected to comment; Slack said that apps receive security reviews before incorporation. 

How will they solve this huge problem?



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