Lancia makes his first entry into the metaverse. The famous car brand will present its project at Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. The event will be held from 28 to 31 March. Lancia will in fact be the official carmaker.

The automotive space dedicated to the exhibition will be located within the "fashion quadrilateral", a central area, inspired by the Milan showroom in via Gattamelata.

Each user will be able to access the fair once logged in and will be able to visit each sector.

The Lancia-branded cars displayed in the metaverse will be a Ypsilon model and a new concept that has not yet been revealed.


SOURCE: Engage


From text to video is already very popular, you can find a lot of web sites which offers somenting like that and the quality of the service is growing more and more - you can try for free a lot of them. The thing becomes even more incredibile and interesting instead if we pass from the text to the generation of videos in virtual reality and in 3D, it seems almost a way to build your own little metaverse or virtual space...

An example is a service offered by Versy Italian developers even if based in Dubai): Text-to-Space. That algorithm enables businesses to create interactive 3D virtual experiences from a text prompt.
The algorithm leverages the latest advancements in generative AI technologies to create virtual environments in real-time, based on a text description. This kind of services open up new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in innovative and interactive ways, from virtual product demonstrations to gamified marketing campaigns.

Virtual experiences will change the way we communicate

Their ability to capture the attention of the audience and convey strong and meaningful emotions marks their potential as limitless. The development of this special algorithm is backed by partnerships with NVIDIA Inception and Intel OneAPI that support Versy in the development of their cutting-edge technology.

NVIDIA Corporation is a very dinamic US technology Company. It develops in particular graphics processors for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system-on-a-chip modules for mobile computing and the automotive industry.

Among the most interesting things and project there are precisely those services and sites that help you build what you want and need by offering you means that also make things as easy as possibile for you.

Initiatives like these also make virtual environmentes more democratic and less expensive for small users and that's very important, how to say that the VR is for all. You can Join the waitlist to be the first to test Text-to-Space by visiting Versy AI website

Many still don't know it but the project started right from Italy thanks to the imagination and initiative of some of the best known authors and screenwriters of the cinematographic scenario of the last decades.

This new cinematographic reality, one of the most anticipated web 3.0, blockchain and AI projects of 2024, is a new way of creating cinema and vision through interaction, participation, creation and productivity, and much more...

And here, to make this 3.0 turning point in the world of cinema and screenwriting known to the world, the most well-known and sought-after form of organisation in the blockchain world was used -> DAO (decentralised autonomous organisations) which, if based on communities with active roles, are the best way not only to attract investors but also to build loyalty and generate income and opportunities for followers.

So here we have a very successful first example, a DAO based on an incredibly futuristic design ... and with a ready-made stepping stone. The invitation is to discover it by following it through the discord community, on linkedin and on twitter. Origami, a very important incubator and accelerator of start ups and DAOs of the Silicon Valley, has invested in this project, so we will see some good ones!!

The adventure both from the point of view of the cinematic revolution 3.0 and from the point of view of what will be the first cinematic experiences where in fact the Metaverse will basically be experienced as a film on TV. 

The incredible special effects and a community that participates in evolutions of subsequent episodes (for example) and beyond, starts from a new world in 2137 after Christ where various worlds are faced with new life and new needs in completely distinct ways. 

The aim is to start to compete with the might Marvel Cinematic Universe in just a few years. The site can give a first idea of what awaits us!

The borderless continuity between digital and physical

Interview with the outstanding Tokyo-based and international art collective teamLab

In the physical world, environments that can connect people to nature are the most preferred and perceived as most beautiful due, for instance, to the presence of water, greenery, views, vegetation, natural colors and shapes, etc. (Korpela & Hartig, 1996). Both real and digital nature can improve mood and reduce stress (Chan et al., 2021). Environmental psychology shows that environments that are fascinating, offer a psychological feeling of being away from everyday life, give the impression of extension and breadth, and match with one's own intentions (Kaplan, 1995) are the most restorative. These environments are beneficial particularly for those who experience psycho-physical stress from everyday life and urban stressors (e.g., noise, traffic, pollution, cement, etc.). 

Technology can facilitate a digital connection with nature in many ways.

Some examples include:

An outstanding example of technology facilitating a digital connection with nature can be found in the artwork of teamLab, an international art collective based in Tokyo, Japan. Their collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world. Through art, the interdisciplinary group of specialists, including: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects, aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world, and new forms of perception. teamLab exhibitions have been held in cities worldwide, including New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Melbourne among others.

Let's ask them about their artwork:

In which ways does your artwork facilitate a connection with nature? 

First of all, teamLab believes that the digital domain can expand the capacities of art, and that digital art can create new relationships between people. teamLab aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world and new perceptions through art. In order to understand the world around them, people separate it into independent entities with perceived boundaries between them. teamLab seeks to transcend these boundaries in our perception of the world, of the relationship between the self and the world, and of the continuity of time. 

Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life.

Our concept of digitalized nature can be a good example.

Digital technologies such as sensing, networks, light and sound, are non-material and have no physical impact on the environment. By using such non-material digital technologies, nature can be turned into living art, without harming it. 

Nature itself becomes art.

Nature has formed over a very long period of time. By turning nature into art we can gain a sense of the continuity of nature that humans do not usually perceive.

How do people feel, think and act differently once they experience your artwork? 

Today, even if there’s a problem on the other side of the earth, it affects your own country. They are connected. It is no longer possible to live on one’s own. We are connected. We are all part of nature or earth.

The COVID-19 crisis made it clear that humans are only a fraction of what makes up the earth. We individually exist, yet together create something larger ― a micro within the macro.

Nature brings us both blessings and disaster, and with the progress of civilization, there are benefits and negative implications: nature and civilization are always connected. There is no absolute malicious intent or universal beauty. There is no easy way to understand this relationship and no simple way to arrange our feelings and our sensitivities towards it. Nevertheless, we want to affirm that we are alive regardless of the situation.

The world seems to be divided more and more, but to be divided has never solved the problem in human history. Instead of that, we should do something else to connect and face the situation. The world seems to be in search of the right answer, but are we thinking about the right questions to begin with?

The only thing that artists can do is to pose questions to the world and create an opportunity to look at the world.

The power of art may seem weak in this situation. But we believe that art can change the standard of feeling, like beautiful. Life is beautiful, don’t you think so? And the actions of individual people are driven by emotions. We would love to say that life is beautiful. And we hope that it will reach people.

Overall, technology can provide a way for people to connect with nature digitally, learn and benefit from the natural world, even if they are unable to physically visit certain locations.

Rita Trombin

Environmental Psychologist & Biophilic Design Expert 

EU Metaverse is a flop. The European Union spent over €387 K but citizens do not appreciate it. 

The Metaverse would have served to bring young people closer to politics.

The EU project was financed by Bruxelles which closed it, maybe, forever.

Why the EU project failed

“Global Gateway” is the name of the project.

It is a platform which is part of an international program concerning investments, technology and health.

But, what is the reason why the Metaverse was a flop? 

The first event online on “Global Gateway” was on Oct.19 to launch it and to speak about Guatemala’s coffee. We can define it a a test: not only to verify the functioning of the platform, but also to verify the success of the project. And the result was a very big flop. 

In fact, only two people were online that day!

The second one event that was organized, on Nov. 29, saw only 300 people partecipate remotely. 

Another flop that Bruxelles could not tolerate. 

A wrong step 

Mc Group was the communication agency that role was to use this euros to develop the Metaverse. 

Until 2027, the EU commission promised to dispense over €300 B for investments around the world - like the development of hydrogen production. 

These money should have been channeled through the project “Global Gateway”: here is its main importance. 


The idea of ​​the European Metaverse would have been a virtual meeting place for under 35s to discuss political issues. 

“An agora where to project success stories, promote the values ​​of the Union and strengthen relations with the countries where the block intends to invest (although the promotion concerned Italy, Germany, France. Spain, Romania and Denmark, with posts on social media , posters and art installations”. 

By now the money has been spent but no certain news of the future use of the Metaverse. 

About its destination of use, the EU Commission hasn't made a decision yet. 

An external evaluation will examine this case. It will determinate the traffic on the platform and the reaching of the potential target users and also other more specific parameters. 

SOURCE: Wired 


Ilaria Vanni interviews the life coach Meredyth Willits from Chicago. Willits explains how our human realtionship can change after the metaverse entered our lives. Meredyth Willits has also a personal and amusing story about cryptocurrencies!

ROME - Fiat Metaverse Store, with digital car purchase, becomes real. Is now possible to explore and buy the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli from your smartphone. The technology launched by Fiat is the first of its kind to fuel an end-to-end sales experience in the metaverse, revolutionizing the brand's entire customer experience. In the Metaverse Store there is a real link to the Product Genius of Fiat, a real person who answers any customer question in real time. Visitors and customers will be able to explore and purchase the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli from the comfort of their homes, thanks to a human-assisted, instantaneous, realistic and stress-free process. By the first half of 2023, many oder models will be avaible into the metaverse. Starting from Italy, this revolutionary 'journey' will also be available in other markets.

In the virtual store it is possible to ask questions about electric mobility, the methods of recharging and the contents of the New 500. The customer will be able to closely observe the operation of the Infotainment, the different driving modes or the electric charging of the car or customize the model by choosing its bodywork, colour, interior and any other desired feature, literally seeing the car change in real time.


5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is the newest global wireless. It's a new kind of network that connect virtually everyone and everything. 

How 5G impact on new technologies 

Akilesh Tuteja - who serves as the Global Cyber Security practice Co-leader for KPMG India - said that 5G will play a pivotal role in advancing the use of Web3 technologies. An increasing number of enterprise are embarking on the use of Web3 technologies and especially Metaverse”.

The 5G technologies were born to connected heterogeneous devices and machines with drafting improvements in term of high quality of service. 

The vision of 5G technologies is to provide a customized and advanced user-centric value, enabling human interconnection. 

5G and Blockchain

Thanks to 5G’s speed and energy, the combination 5G with Blockchain turned out to be successful. 

Blockchain warranted data protection and accuracy and has the possibility to be integrated with the 5G systems to empower mobile networks. 

Blockchain was considered one of the most necessaries technologies to employ on technical drivers for 5G at the 2018 Mobile World Congress. 

This combination will give more opportunities to mobile services. 

Users have to pay attention to the energy consumption. But, luckily, 5G has been projected to provide maximum energy efficiency. 

Blockchain for 5G technologies 

Blockchain is cooperating with 5G enabling technologies like cloud computing, edge computing, Network Function Virtualization, Network Slicing and D2D communication. 

5G services for Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a solution to facilitate the next-generation mobile communication networks for 5G services. 

Blockchain for 5G IoT applications 

The development of 5G networks would be the solution of  IoT’s expansion. 

To simplify IoT’s progresses, we use in fact 5G technologies.

Metaverse needs 5G 

When we speak about “Metaverse”, we refer to a reality composed of persistent, online, 3D universe that incorporates different virtual spaces. 

Metaverse's quality is to be immersive: 5G solutions make this universe hypnotic.  

Also to split or remote rendering architectures 5G give support to developers. 

5G allows users to browse at high speed: in fact, in just a few milliseconds, users find themselves catapulted into an ultra-realistic parallel world.

Metaverse created a developer community. 5G make better connection between network and the applications through APIs. This implementation gives birth to a generation of first-class citizens of 5G ecosystem. 

SOURCE: Ericcson


Among the big fashion brands in the sports sector, Puma is, let's say, among the last to be exposed on web 3.0 and in the metaverse.

On the other hand, he had a very ambitious project, namely that of having his own "dark" metaverse "in black" (the name is Black Station) full of special effects and experiences to do, and clearly they too have not given up on connecting it to their own discord community.

Creating communities on discord is confirmed like the primary mission of all companies involved in the new web, we had already talked about it in this article

Puma has opted for very captivating 3d graphics but its metaverse doesn't seem so usable and this is probably the demonstration of how much more needs to be done form usable point of view and this is probably the demonstration of how much we still have to do even just for "broadband"

From another point of view, Puma has simply made a graphic growth to complement its sites for a more immersive browsing experience, essential for a prestigious brand that wants to keep up, but the real approach to the metaverse remains more consistent with whats has made Nike (for example)

However there are some common denominators between all the fashion and sport brands, they all focus on increasingly crazy and futuristic branded sneakers for real life or for the avatar (like NFT)

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