zkEVM: march will be crucial

zkEVM: march will be crucial

15 February 2023


zkEVM, 27 March 2023. Ethereum layer-2 solution provider Polygon’s update will be launch very soon. 

On Polygon’s Twitter, the society wrote that despite the difficult experimentation, update is ready to will use. In fact, last year, was launched as a testnet. 

zkEVM technology has been tested for over three years. The company, to work on this project, had to integrate more of 5.000 smart contracts, more of 75.000 zk-proof, more of 84.000 wallets and two public third-party audits. 

The upgrade cares a lot about user safety and for this reason Polygon zkEVM it has been subjected to several tests and years of work.


SOURCE: CoinTelegraph


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