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Zuckerberg gets ready for the metaverse revolution

21 June 2022


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The big issue on the metaverse is the tools we will be able to use in next months to enter the 3D reality and how many people can be able to use them. Mark Zuckerberg continues to speak out on his plans. By the end of the year Meta, already Facebook, will unveil Project Cambria, its first viewer for the metaverse. In this sense Mark Zuckerberg wanted to take stock with the international press on the work done by the Reality Labs division on the merits of new technologies that will make it possible to access 3D worlds, perceiving them as if they were technologies.

So what do we have to expect about the meta revolution? "The metaverse has to relate to us forever the way we relate to each other," said Zuckerberg just before showing three prototype headsets. The first, codenamed Butterscotch, is endowed with a resolution sufficient to guarantee a vision in virtual reality equal to ten tenths of the normal tables used for eye examinations. Then Holocake 2, which the CEO describes as "the thinnest and lightest headset we've ever made and compatible with all existing computer games". The problem with Holocake 2 is that it requires the use of specialized lasers, which are still too thick and expensive to integrate into a mass market accessory. The third device shown is a close relative of Meta's long-awaited goggles, at least in shape. It's called Mirror Lake, it takes back a pair of ski goggles and integrates not only Holocake 2 technology but also the others Meta has been working on for the past seven years. <br> The purpose? Responding to what the company calls "the Turing visual test". In 1950, Alan Turing devised the test whose purpose is to determine whether a computer is capable of engaging in human behavior. Visual testing is a way of assessing whether what is displayed in virtual reality is distinguishable from the real world. "We are taking an important step towards realism and creativity. I am convinced that, if we continue to make progress, we will arrive at a future where information technology will be increasingly focused on people and how they want to experience the world.


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