Fidelity Investiment is a company that deals with the allocation of 30% of US pensions. The financial giant has repeatedly said it is in favor of investing in BTC and crypto for its customers, for which it already offers themed products.

The revolution would lie in the possibility of allocating a portion of the money destined for the American 401K in Bitcoin, given that Fidelity already administers this function for over 23,000 companies in the US, and, if successful, it could further increase this number.

Given that the market for these funds amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars, although initially used in an "exploratory" mode, this new liquidity vehicle for BTC could be another very important driver for demand, and further drain the supply on Exchange.

Microstrategy, Michael Saylor’s company, immediately expressed its willingness to collaborate in this regard, proposing a testing on its employees.

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