23 April 2024
Horizon OS Meta opens up Quest OS to other companies, including ASUS and Lenovo

Bounds and links are a fundamental law in everything, as mother nature teaches us everyday. But most of the time in life and market fields we prefer dealing with competitors or, worse, we call them enemies. None of the above for Mark Zukerberg. We talk about an important collaboration between Disney and Epic Games and […]

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12 March 2024
Is Disney back in the metaverse?

Disney and Epic Games will collaborate to create an open and persistent game universe, bringing together characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar and Pixar. The Walt Disney Company is taking a $1.5 billion equity stake in Epic Games to build what it calls a "persistent universe," less than a year after shuttering its Metaverse division. […]

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16 January 2024
States and Metaverse: the Finland case

2024 started with big news for metaverse and blockchain. One of the things we must analyze is the relationship between States, worldwide, and the new web technologies. If 3D experiences will be enabled for citizens to have public services, something will really change in daily life. And here come the States political decisions, with their […]

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6 January 2024
Walmart Metaverse experience: an immersive e-commerce and the collaboration with Unity

Walmart Inc. is using metaverse since a couple of years, bringing different perspectives and using new tools. “As we began to craft this experience, we listened to our growing community on the platform and found that they were seeking easier ways to discover experiences and virtual items,” Walmart Chief Marketing Officer William White said after […]

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14 November 2023
A new collaboration in the Metaverse: ZEP signs a partnership with NEAR Protocol

SOUTH KOREA - A new collaboration in the metaverse field has just been announced. ZEP, South Korea’s premier metaverse platform, revealed a strategic partnership with the global Layer 1 platform, NEAR Protocol. This is a strategic decision and partnership. Mark Mi, Gaming Director of NEAR Protocol, underlined the significance of this partnership in expanding NEAR's […]

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26 October 2023
Urban metaverse, 700 cities are expected to enter the immersive reality by 2030

The metaverse has still an unclear future and unspread market opportunities brought by the transition toward the web 3.0. We can say on the other hand that the metaverse will be certain a part of our future. One the most important approach to the metaverse are the digital twins. The reproduction of cities is a […]

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29 September 2023
Highlights from Meta Connect 2023

LOS ANGELES - At the Meta campus in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg announced all the company's news during the Meta Connect 2023. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg updated investors on his plan to build the immersive metaverse in first in-person conference since the start of the pandemic. As we analyze this important event, we believe that […]

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22 September 2023
Metaverse and AI meet perfumes at Pitti Fragranze in Florence

FLORENCE - What does the metaverse smell like? Metaverse and AI enter also the world of perfumes. The 21st edition of Pitti Fragranze, the Pitti Immagine salon dedicated to the world of international artistic perfumery, which took place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, has just ended. And beyond the new scents and events was […]

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1 September 2023
LoveITDetroit: the second edition arrives in the Metaverse

Lights are shining for the second edition of the Detroit Month of Design, a promising event set to capture everyone's imagination. This year, the Consulate of Italy in Detroit and the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan proudly present the "LoveITDetroit" project. More remarkably, it won the Ministry of Foreign Affairs competition for the "City of […]

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