26 Settembre 2022
Metaverse: from Oculus to Discord

From the purchase of Oculus VR by facebook which dates back to almost ten years ago to the creation of single meta account (just created) as well as putting oneself at the service and vice versa of all the builders of metaverse, and even more -> the fashion/tendency to create communities. But, let's start with […]

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21 Settembre 2022
Metaverse Fashion Week is back

METAVERSE FASHION WEEK - We are in the middle of the period of severals 'fashion week'. From Milan to Paris, London, New York, up to the metaverse. Yes, because after visiting the fashion capitals, big brands will parade in the Metaverse Fashion Week. Metaverse Fashion Week The first edition of Metaverse Fashion Week was held […]

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13 Settembre 2022
Companies that want to internazionalize their business with the Metaverse

Every Company is thinking about how to use the metaverse and the first thing there is no doubt about is that choosing to project your company into the metaverse is a strategic choice of internazionalization and expansion of customers and international reputation. It's not just about having a virtual office, using bots, images, videos, socials […]

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30 Agosto 2022
Metaverse welcomes made in Italy food

MADE IN ITALY METAVERSE - The Virtual Store Loft Italy is born that brings food made in Italy in the Metaverso. Tourists will have access to unique experiences related to the world of food, from buying products to real cooking class. The food & beverage sector and the Metaverso market Food is not only a […]

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25 Agosto 2022
Web 3.0: Big Projects for Schools and Campus

Metaverse is trying to meet the needs of many sectors, we can hear about meta-hospitals, meta-municipalitie etc. but probably the strongest and most immediate impact will be the ideas that are developing in the world of schools and universities While we talk about the first times in the metaverse, there is already someone who has […]

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28 Luglio 2022
More and more Luxury Sectors chose AR

After the high fashion sector and the jewelry industry (this, already obvious in USA), we are already beginning to see that the next one interested sector in "augmented realty", it is the nautical sector. They are very interested in wanting to find a new way to present itself in order to present super fabulous luxury […]

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19 Luglio 2022
Is a Crypto Wallet necessary to explore Metaverse?

If you want to understand all that you can do inside "metaverse" you have to explore all the most known metaverses, cause it will be just only like that, that you will also discover that some of them ask for a crypto wallet and others don't. At the moment lot of metaverses based on game […]

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14 Luglio 2022
Metaverse and common spaces: Ikea's approach

You can get your own "metaverse", such as a room, an office, a house, a little private social network (for example) and all of this because you need it for yourself and your job, but probably, the real metaverse everyone is waiting for is just a "big space" that more consumers can use, live and […]

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9 Luglio 2022
The most bureaucratized sectors are analyzing the Metaverse: in Italy a new Study Centre is born

Metaverse is very intuitive and easy to use for some sectors, but for the legal one, real estate and for the more delicate and bureaucratic professions it is an opportunity to be analyzed very carefully. For this reason, a study centre was founded in Italy, exactly in Rome, thanks to the initiative of some important […]

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30 Giugno 2022
Marketing WEB3: The Power of Community

Marketing in WEB3, especially with the creation of "democratic" communities, will open new opportunities across the board. What are marketers looking for as they start to navigate the new opportunities that open up on WEB3?

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