6 February 2023
A new Cinematic Universe 3.0

Many still don't know it but the project started right from Italy thanks to the imagination and initiative of some of the best known authors and screenwriters of the cinematographic scenario of the last decades. This new cinematographic reality, one of the most anticipated web 3.0, blockchain and AI projects of 2024, is a new […]

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3 February 2023
We are nature

The borderless continuity between digital and physical Interview with the outstanding Tokyo-based and international art collective teamLab In the physical world, environments that can connect people to nature are the most preferred and perceived as most beautiful due, for instance, to the presence of water, greenery, views, vegetation, natural colors and shapes, etc. (Korpela & […]

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2 February 2023
The car market expands in the metaverse

The car market is influenced by many variables, including demand, supply, technology, regulation and fuel prices. The car market is constantly evolving and new developments such as electric vehicles and shared mobility services are changing the way people buy and use vehicles. Moreover, like many other sectors, it is expanding into the Metaverse. Differences between […]

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27 January 2023
What is value creation in the metaverse?

Already from the first weeks immediately after Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of name of his company and then gave way to the creation of numerous virtual worlds named metaverse, experts began to say what could be the ability to create value of this new reality. Today came a new estimate, published by the McKinsey […]

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17 January 2023
How close are we to experiencing smell and touch in the Metaverse?

METAVERSE SMELL TOUCH - From 5 to 8 January, as every year since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Numerous technological innovations were presented at the 2023 edition. Among the most innovative must certainly be mentioned the one presented by OVR Technology, aimed at allowing you to […]

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15 January 2023
EU Metaverse: flop 

EU Metaverse is a flop. The European Union spent over €387 K but citizens do not appreciate it.  The Metaverse would have served to bring young people closer to politics. The EU project was financed by Bruxelles which closed it, maybe, forever. Why the EU project failed “Global Gateway” is the name of the project. […]

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19 December 2022
Metaverse: How many inhabitants?

METAVERSE INHABITANTS - On the Web you can find many metaverses. From the purely playful ones to the business ones, but how many people visit these metaverses? In the latter part of 2022, some research was conducted that sought to answer this question. So let’s find out how many inhabitants the metaverse counts. Population numbers […]

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9 December 2022
PUMA on Metaverse

Among the big fashion brands in the sports sector, Puma is, let's say, among the last to be exposed on web 3.0 and in the metaverse. On the other hand, he had a very ambitious project, namely that of having his own "dark" metaverse "in black" (the name is Black Station) full of special effects […]

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30 November 2022
The world of football find the back of the net in Web3

DAVIDE MOSCARDELLI IL BARBAVERSO - Football has always been careful to follow the market trend to increase the engagement of fans. It was also one of the first worlds to take an active interest in blockchain with cryptocurrencies, NFT and Fan Tokens. It is also present for some time in the virtual world and video […]

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