2 May 2024
New market panorama and job opportunities in the Web 3.0 economy

The cryptocurrencies economical revolution redefines the frontiers of the global market, with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The regulation of this emerging sector represents an ideological and practical battleground, with various governments and international bodies trying to find a balance between safeguarding financial stability, protecting consumers and supporting innovation. Some nations have adopted a rigorous stance, […]

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9 February 2024
Bitcoin Dogs is about to launch the first ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain

With the word "ICO" we mean a crowdfunding system in the financial sector. Despite a long time history, in these day the web 3 is talking about ICOs linked to a revolutionary Bitcoin Dogs project recently announced. The launch is scheduled for February 14th, 2024 and it will be the world's first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain. […]

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23 January 2024
DeSo likes DeFi

The need for a web with social networks that are not owned by a single large company that can use them for all its own purposes, also deciding their trends, but social platforms that, being a resource of the IT network, are immutable, uncensorable and visible without algorithms of uncertain application. Decentralized Finance is more […]

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19 January 2024
MetaMask is working at a new way to interact with blockchain users

MetaMask, the most popular crypto wallet on Ethereum, is testing a new "transaction routing" technology. The goal is to have major ramifications and improve user experience. MetaMask is testing this new tech that uses third parties to route user transactions. It will eventually be made available outside of MetaMask and will be closely scrutinized for […]

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12 January 2024
The Bitcoin trends, ups and downs

The price of Bitcoin reached $45,045.36, reflecting a decrease of -5.68% in the last 24 hours. This was a highly volatile day for Bitcoin, it briefly surged above $49,000 before retracing to the $46,000 range by evening. Interestingly, the focal point of the day wasn't solely the cryptocurrency's price movement. The spotlight was on the […]

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2 January 2024
What is Blockchain Explorer?

A blockchain explorer, in short, is an online tool that allows you to view and analyze information relating to a blockchain, such as the blocks that compose it, transactions, addresses and related statistics. By blockchain explorer we mean a tool now considered indispensable for all those who intend to trade cryptocurrencies with well-founded hopes of […]

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27 December 2023
Blockchain and gaming: pay attention to those two

In 2023, blockchain gaming recorded investments of 2.3 billion dollars. Those data, provided by DappRadar, a monitoring platform for decentralized apps, shows that $600 million was invested in the blockchain gaming sector in the third quarter of 2023. Among investments in Q3 2023, $213 million went into the development of games and technologies related to […]

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11 December 2023
Is Ethereum being hit by censorship? The situation in a glance

Ethereum is the world's second-largest blockchain and is living a difficult situation for months with the U.S. government. Data is now showing a sort of censorship. As Coindesk recently reported we can observe an "effort by block builders to exclude transactions linked to entities sanctioned by the U.S. government". In details, four of the five […]

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7 December 2023
Google's Gemini enters the AI market with a completely new model

Once upon a time there was "Bard", the Mountain View Company first AI, conceived as ChatGpt's competitor. Now Google is ready to embrace a new AI era and has just presented, on December 6th, a new model of artificial intelligence: Gemini. Gemini it is capable of interpreting texts, images, audio, video and code. The new […]

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