24 Agosto 2022
Can the blockchain be the key tool in the fight to save the environment?

BLOCKCHAIN ENVIRONMENT - In a context where waste management has reached critical situations, new technologies must be used to create change. The blockchain has emerged as a solution to trace and make data unchangeable and unalterable, and to enforce policies, monitor funds and donations, providing an efficient and transparent reward system. The problem of waste […]

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15 Luglio 2022
The use of blockchain in the healthcare system

BLOCKCHAIN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM - Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) technologies like blockchain are for many still a mysterious reality. How mysterious are their possible applications?  It is very challenging to be able to list all the areas that can benefit from distributed and decentralized registers.  Though, perhaps, it can be simplified by stating that blockchain and […]

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4 Luglio 2022
10 applications for blockchain technology

The many advantages of blockchain allow its application in several different sectors, from finance to healthcare, from the electoral system to government administration.  These 10 are just the tip of the iceberg and as blockchain technology evolves so will the possible applications. BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS - The protagonists of the web of the future will be […]

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17 Giugno 2022
Blockchain: sustainable technology or not?

BLOCKCHAIN ECO SUSTAINABLE - The biggest revolutions the world is experiencing today is the energy transition to green energy sources and the digital transformation. The latter is based fundamentally on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and especially on blockchain and all its possible applications. Can the two transitions go hand in hand? There are those who […]

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15 Giugno 2022
Decentralized Finance: goals and technologies

The Blockchain, as a technology, has enabled a sudden change of perspective in managing financial flows by bringing in vast amounts of liquidity from not only large investors but also the retail sector. One of the key features of blockchain technology and its applications is the ability to target an audience without needing a bank […]

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14 Giugno 2022
The Blockchain Trilemma

With blockchain trilemma we refer to the generally accepted idea that it isn’t possible to make a public blockchain scalable without compromising its security, decentralization, or both. ScalabilityScalability represents the ability of a network to deal with a large amount of work, processing many transactions per second, measured in TPS. Often attempts are made to […]

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