20 May 2023

In the end of May the Ultimate Sensory Adventure in the Julian Alps will take place in Bohin, Slovenia. The Slovenian Tourist Board presented this new exclusive collection of Non-Fungible-Tokens related to Tourism during the latest edition of the World Travel Market in London. The reconnection with nature today can also pass through one of […]

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2 May 2023
Just a few minutes to hack a wallet

With a challenge on social media it was possible to demonstrate that if you know the words of a 12-word seed phrase, it is extremely easy to access the wallet and withdraw funds. A seed phase is a recovery phrase, better to say a string of random words generated when a wallet is created (as […]

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7 April 2023
Discovering Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a meme token that offers real utility in a voting system based on blockchain technology.  Its goal is to provide a new voting system that also allows you to earn. Vote-to-earn The Love Hate Inu platform is based on a new system called “vote-to-earn”. To participate in the surveys, users will […]

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25 March 2023
Fashion meets technology: Loro Piano introduces the traceability of garments on blockchain

Loro Piano, the famous Italian high fashion brand, is taking innovation to the next level! Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, their clothing will be traceable in a unique and safe way. Finally, every step of the production of their fine fabrics will be documented transparently, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. A project […]

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6 March 2023
Blockchain and Olympics: tradition meets innovation in the temple of sport

We are within two Olympic Games, both in the summer and winter. As athletes prepare to be ready for competition, the Olympic Games also try to keep up with the times. At the 2022 Winter Games in Tokyo, the first step has been made in Web3, but Paris 2024 and Milan-Cortina 2026 do not want […]

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1 March 2023
AAVE: a successful and very structured DAO

AAVE is a decentralizated finance protocol that allows people lo lend and borrow crypto fastly and it is confirmed as a successful and well structured DAO. AAVE born in November 2017 as a DeFi project has shown growth and solidity as a governance, as a protocol and as an ecosystem, it is truly a token […]

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6 February 2023
A new Cinematic Universe 3.0

Many still don't know it but the project started right from Italy thanks to the imagination and initiative of some of the best known authors and screenwriters of the cinematographic scenario of the last decades. This new cinematographic reality, one of the most anticipated web 3.0, blockchain and AI projects of 2024, is a new […]

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29 January 2023
Blockchain: from hype to construction 

Blockchain will pass from hype to construction: the new phase, according to the director of the department of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger (Politecnico, Milan), is coming.  Now, years of work can be consolidated… It is certainly helping the mutation of Ethereum. The transition from consensus based on proof-of-work to proof-of-stake removes the stigma of absolute […]

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23 January 2023
The security problems of NFTs: solutions

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been gaining popularity in recent years, with many people buying, selling, and collecting these digital assets. However, as the market for NFTs grows, so does the concern for their security. Specifically, many people who use MetaMask, a popular digital wallet for storing and managing NFTs (and to authenticate in many platforms), […]

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