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7 February 2023
Dubai: new crypto regulations for VASP

Dubai approves the law for the Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) operating within the UAE.  The Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) released the “Full Market Product Regulations”.  It is compose of four books which contains guidelines and activity-specific rulebooks.  The new crypto regulations are extended to all consumer limited to Dubai. The unique edge case […]

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6 February 2023
A new Cinematic Universe 3.0

Many still don't know it but the project started right from Italy thanks to the imagination and initiative of some of the best known authors and screenwriters of the cinematographic scenario of the last decades. This new cinematographic reality, one of the most anticipated web 3.0, blockchain and AI projects of 2024, is a new […]

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4 February 2023
EUROe: the stablecoin made in EU

Finnish company Membrane Finance has released EUROe, the first EU-regulated stablecoin backed entirely by the euro. According to Membrane Finance, each EUROe token would be backed by “at least one euro fiat in a European financial institution or bank”. The company claims that the new stablecoin will allow for "near instant payments" at a cost […]

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3 February 2023
Artifact: the new way to live the life

Artifact is a feed in which are personalized articles. It, throughout the artificial intelligence, manages to capture the interests of users and give the possibility to discuss the online articles with friends.  But, do you know who founders are?  We have to come back to 2018, when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger - Instagram co-founders […]

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1 February 2023
FTX: investigations going on 

FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, continues to be under the magnifying glass so that this case can have a definitive breakthrough.  Of the whole circle, only Joseph Bankman - father - and the chief operating officer accepted to share  private informations.  In fact, FTX and affected parties asked for a legal document which can force Sam […]

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30 January 2023
Bitcoin: +50% growth 

Bitcoin in the first month of 2023 growth up 50%.  Bitcoin moves from $15.3 million on Jan.1 to $23 million, 30 days later.The biggest criticism to Bitcoin is the high usage of energy to do the proof-of-work harmony.  This big crypto is on fire also in Guatemala. Osmo Wallet, a Bitcoin society in Guatemala, is […]

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26 January 2023
Blockchain and charity: the strange couple

Blockchain is not just a new way of making money, but it could be also a new model to make charity. On the occasion of the final conference of the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory, Save The Children was selected by Digital Innovation Observatories among the beneficiaries of a demo on the functioning of onchain […]

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24 January 2023
The Launch of Governance Token $HADES

In the previous weeks US regulators have issued their first ever joint warning to banks over the risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. Now that Solana-based NFT AMM hadeswap announced the release of its governance token $HADES, can this new token make really a difference? Users can now trade $HADES on several DEXes on Solana, […]

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20 January 2023
SBF: rash into barricade and fled 

SBF’s lawyers declared that three men went by car into a metal barricade outside Sam Bankman-Fried’s parent’s home where he take under arrest.  No one knows the specific time of the incident and no one wrote or photographed the license plate details.   According to statements by the guard reported by lawyers, criminals screamed that […]

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