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22 Settembre 2022
By next week the Metaverse Assembly in Dubai

  There is so much to be interested about the inaugural Dubai Metaverse Assembly, first announced by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, and organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, is set to take place on September 28 and 29. As Ian Oxborrow underlines in The National News The assembly will establish a […]

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16 Settembre 2022
Ethereum's Merge completed, the platform enters a new ecofriendly era

Ethereum meets the green. The cryptocurrency platform has in fact completed, after years of delay and frenetic experimentation, the so-called 'Merge', or the upgrade that allows its infrastructure to become more sustainable and reduce energy consumption. "This is the first step in Ethereum's great journey towards a more mature system," says Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. […]

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10 Settembre 2022
Red flag on crypto mining with concerns over carbon emission

UNITES STATES - The U.S. said the carbon footprint of the cryptocurrency industry does not align with the country’s goals to decarbonize the economy, suggesting it may rein in the operations of crypto miners, according to a report released Thursday by the Office of Science and Technology in the White House.  Cryptocurrency has long attracted controversy for […]

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8 Settembre 2022
Google Maps will expand its eco-friendly navigation feature to Europe

Google announced it is expanding its options for eco-friendly routing on Google Maps to 40 more countries across Europe. Eco-friendly routes, first introduced to U.S-based users last year, offer to show more fuel-efficient routes instead of the fastest ones. Users can see the eco-friendly route marked with a leaf label and choose fuel-efficient routing among the new […]

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7 Settembre 2022
Brazilians Spent Almost USD 1Bn on Crypto in May, Digital Real Pilot to Begin in 2023

Brazilians have spent more money than ever buying crypto assets this year – and in May shattered previous spending records by shelling out a combined USD 912 million on coins. Data was released by the nation’s Central Bank, which is yet to compile and release figures for June, July, and August. The May 2022 figure dwarfs […]

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5 Settembre 2022
Nigeria, Binance in talks for digital city to develop blockchain

Nigerian authorities and cryptocurrencies platform Binance Holdings are in talks to establish a digital economic zone that will help entrepreneurs fast track blockchain technology in the West African nation. The partnership aims to build a digital hub, “similar to the Dubai virtual free zone,” according to statement by the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority. Nigeria, […]

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3 Settembre 2022
Vitalik Buterin over Ethereum Merge

As Ethereum (ETH) advances toward the Merge, the blockchain’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin declares that his influence over the network has been decreasing, as many new developers are taking over multiple roles. During an interview with economics blogger Noah Smith, Buterin said that he has been long wishing for Ethereum to evolve into an ecosystem “where my influence can decrease just because […]

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1 Settembre 2022
Hermès announces plans for Metaverse fashion shows, Crypto and NFTs

Luxury brand Hermès is laying the groundwork for its entrance to Web3 after filing a trademark application covering nonfungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse.  According to an Aug. 26 filing to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the trademark covers downloadable software to view, store and manage virtual goods, digital collectibles, cryptocurrencies and […]

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29 Agosto 2022
Dubai provides new crypto marketing rules to protect investors

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), the city’s dedicated crypto regulator, reportedly announced new regulatory guidelines on marketing, advertising and promotions of virtual assets on Aug. 25. In the rules, the VARA referred to all forms of outreach, communications and advertising, dissemination of information, building awareness, customer engagement, investor solicitation and […]

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26 Agosto 2022
Taliban ban Crypto in Afghanistan, arrest digital coin dealers

Afghanistan’s central bank imposed a nationwide ban on cryptocurrencies this month and the Taliban regime has arrested several dealers who defied orders to stop trading digital tokens, according to a senior police official. The crackdown comes after some Afghans turned to cryptocurrencies to preserve their wealth and keep it out of the Taliban’s reach. Crypto […]

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