9 Settembre 2022
Cryptocurrencies for the environment

BLOCKCHAIN PROOF OF STAKE - DTL technologies - Distributed Ledger Technology - such as blockchain, bring with them, from the moment of their networking, environmental impact critiques. Ethereum blockchain has announced that it is ready to leave the old validation method with a new one. The Merge, is the name of the new one, will […]

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3 Settembre 2022
Crypto Trading: when it is "safe"

Spend time Trading through one of the safest and most well-know crypto wallets in the world is certainly not dangerous practice for your savings, indeed! Obviously there are rules to follow and you have to start from the applications for beginners even if they cost a little more and they are not so precise (from […]

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17 Agosto 2022
How to recognize a valid Cryptocurrency

About cryptocurrencies every day we can read every kind of news and these are usually very alarming news. In truth, only those who have not paid attention have taken a fraud. There are may ways to have some satisfaction with cryptocurrencies and the fisrt way is definitely to make small investments and monitor them every […]

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5 Agosto 2022
What you need to know about meme token

MEME TOKEN - In recent years, the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been unavoidable. October 2021 was an exciting month for all cryptocurrency investors, as the bitcoin price skyrocketed to US$67,000, and Ethereum quickly followed suit. The most notable event, however, was the Shiba rose, which stunned the entire cryptocurrency community. Shiba quickly […]

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4 Agosto 2022
Gucci to accept ApeCoin payments

ITALY - The Italian high-end fashion colossus Gucci has enhanced its list of digital assets it accepts for payment. Gucci has become the first major brand to accept payments in the form of the Bored Ape Yacht Club – affiliated ApeCoin (APE). The news was released on Monday and it could push further the ApeCoin […]

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2 Agosto 2022
Fan Token and sports, a wedding that appeals to the funds of clubs

FAN TOKEN SPORTS- From business, to sports, to fashion, there are many sectors that are investing in the new technology of blockchain. People invest in all the products that revolve around blockchain, from cryptocurrencies, to NFT to Fan Tokens. They are used to bring young audiences in particular and to create new revenue opportunities. The […]

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20 Luglio 2022
The future of the crypto world in the next 3 years according to Sam Bankman

It's not easy to be a cryptocurrency these days. But, as they say, after the storm the sun will shine again. Sam Bankman, CEO of FTX and a key exponent of this market, wrote down the key uses of cryptocurrencies are explored and their expectations for the future are projected. The use cases highlighted are […]

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4 Luglio 2022
The first manifesto for sustainable NFT

SUSTAINABLE NFT MANIFESTO - "NFT - uses and consumption responsibly" is the slogan launched by Paolo Taticchi and his team in the digital work that represents a real "NFT Sustainability Manifesto". But why did we need a manifesto clarifying the sustainability of NFTs? Let’s see it together. The Sustainable NFT Manifesto NFTs clash with the […]

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21 Giugno 2022
Cryptocurrencies and foreclosure

We are increasingly asked whether a cryptocurrency sum held in a wallet may or may not besubject to foreclosure in a context linked to our legal system.Whatever the prerequisite of a pecuniary obligation, deriving from a contract or from family lawrelationships, the peculiarities of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as the underlyingtechnology, require a difficult reflection […]

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17 Giugno 2022
Dual Bitcoin-gold ETP

The first world dual Bitcoin-gold ETP will begin trading in Europe, ByteTree Asset Management, will allow investors to invest in physical and "digital" gold in a single fund. The 21Shares ByteTree Bold Index ETP, will trade with the ticker BOLD on the SIX Swiss Exchange. A custom index that includes Bitcoin and gold will follow […]

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