5 February 2023
Some interesting facts about cryptocurrencies listed by ChatGPT

Released November 2021 ChatGPT is depopulating. The highly intuitive virtual assistant able to answer in a relevant way the questions that are asked by the user is making the rounds of television programs, information newspapers, schools and much more. We talked about it too, but we decided to go a step further by asking her […]

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23 January 2023
The security problems of NFTs: solutions

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been gaining popularity in recent years, with many people buying, selling, and collecting these digital assets. However, as the market for NFTs grows, so does the concern for their security. Specifically, many people who use MetaMask, a popular digital wallet for storing and managing NFTs (and to authenticate in many platforms), […]

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19 January 2023
Italian Super Cup, the balls in the net become Fan Token

On January 18, 2023, the Derby of the Italian Super Cup was staged. Milan and Inter faced off against the nerazzurri to raise the cup to the sky. Simone Inzaghi and his team were able to celebrate the victory thanks to the three goals of Dimarco, Dzeko and Lautaro Martinez. The three scorers, however, unlike […]

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19 December 2022
Argentine Football Fan Token: the day after

The number of football teams that have their own token in the world of cryptocurrencies is increasing in the world. To have a very high capitalization and a very interesting "volatility" there is ARG. The ARG Fan Token allows Argentinian National Football Team fans to have a tokenized share of influence on club decisions, purchased […]

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30 October 2022
Sunak and crypto: two good friends 

WHO IS RISHI SUNAK? In October 2022, Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He’s a British politician and financier, leader of the Conservative Party.  Before became Prime Minister, he served as chancellor of the Exchequer.  SUNAK IS DELAYING MAJOR ECONOMIC PLAN Prime Minister Sunak, announced that he will set back the major […]

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10 October 2022
Discover the Soulbound tokens

SOULBOUND TOKENS - The metaverse and everything related to it takes many references from the world of video games. No exception are the Soulbound tokens - objects related to the soul. Let’s discover the Soulbound tokens The Soulbound Tokes - known by the acronym SBTs - are particular NFT, inspired by particular objects within the […]

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10 October 2022
GameFi defeats unemployment 

A new era is coming.  What is GameFi? GameFi - Game&Finance - offering to gamers the opportunity to make money while having fun. The GameFi offer economic incentives to players. It uses cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to produce a virtual gaming lands.  Frequently, players have to complete tasks, game against other players, pass […]

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2 October 2022
Asia’s biggest web3 event: let’s explore TOKEN2049’s world 

The first day of this season of TOKEN2049 cryptocurrency conference was launched Wednesday in Singapore. It was the opening of a two-part report, the last part will be in London 9-10 November 2022.  WHAT IS TOKEN 2049 ? TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event where founders and executives of global leader Web3 corporations share their […]

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9 September 2022
Cryptocurrencies for the environment

BLOCKCHAIN PROOF OF STAKE - DTL technologies - Distributed Ledger Technology - such as blockchain, bring with them, from the moment of their networking, environmental impact critiques. Ethereum blockchain has announced that it is ready to leave the old validation method with a new one. The Merge, is the name of the new one, will […]

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