1 December 2023
Forbes Under 30 list lands on blockchain

NEW YORK - Forbes places on Ethereum its "Under 30" list. 30 names of 30 brilliant young people, in different categories, that could make the future of business. The decision is valid for the North America's list. So the data and profiles of the people included on the list, will be permanently recorded on blockchain. […]

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23 November 2023
Altman is back, former OpenAI CEO is in charge again. Revolution in the Board

As a perfect plot of twist, Sam Altman is returning as the chief executive of OpenAI. Altman, who was taken out in a video call by the OpenAI board on Friday, was reinstated as CEO on Tuesday night. Altman is returning alongside co-founder Greg Brockman. As Pbs reported: "the hot tech startup behind ChatGPT is […]

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22 November 2023
Great Migration: after Brockman, Altman too leaves OpenAI for Microsoft

As we already mention in our former article, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, OpenAI fired, without explanation, one of its founders: Sam Altman. Prior to him, former president and co-founder of the company, Greg Brockman, also left the company that oversees Chat GPT. To unite the two is not only the company of origin, but […]

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18 November 2023
The International Deal against the Crypto Tax Evasion, how it will work

The rules for cryptocurrencies seem to turn global in a few years. An International Deal against Crypto Tax Evasion was signed and will include 48 Countries. The deal will be valid in 2027. A total of 48 countries, including the U.K. and Singapore have pledged to implement a tax-transparency standard from 2027. This initiative aims […]

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8 November 2023
ChatGPT drops new realeses: bots created by users and a Turbo Version

SAN FRANCISCO - The first developer conference organized by OpenAI was held on November 6. During the convention, entitled OpenAI DevDay, held in San Francisco, two big news were announced for the most famous and talked about Chatbot in the world. OpenAI introduces GPT-4 Turbo The less striking news concerns the release of GPT-4 Turbo, […]

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2 November 2023
AI summit in London, Meloni: "We are facing a new frontier of progress"

In London, at Bletchley Park, took place the AI Safety Summit, a two-day event focused on artificial intelligence. The summit brings together international governments from 29 countries, leading artificial intelligence companies, civil society groups and research experts. The objective is to: Giorgia Meloni’s speech at the AI Safety Summer Other speakers at the summit included […]

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26 October 2023
Urban metaverse, 700 cities are expected to enter the immersive reality by 2030

The metaverse has still an unclear future and unspread market opportunities brought by the transition toward the web 3.0. We can say on the other hand that the metaverse will be certain a part of our future. One the most important approach to the metaverse are the digital twins. The reproduction of cities is a […]

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19 October 2023
ChatGPT: A Revolutionary Potential in Managing Depression

A recent study conducted by Oranim Academic College in Tivon, Israel, and published in the journal Family Medicine and Community Health has raised the intriguing possibility that ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence, may outperform a primary care physician in managing depression, following recognized treatment standards. The Innovative Role of ChatGPT in depressive therapy ChatGPT emerges as […]

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16 October 2023
Is the Digital nomadisme really a scam?

Digital nomadism is a new trend. Born of the digital professions, the digital nomad is a business leader, often a freelancer, sometimes a teleworker, able to carry out his or her digital activity anywhere in the world.  The digital nomad would be able to travel from country to country, filling his or her life with […]

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