21 May 2024
Solar energy and blockchain to win the ecological challenges

As in many economic fields, also in the ecology blockchain aims to create transparent and traceable operations. Blockchain can be used to track and verify transactions, without the need for a centralized intermediary. This makes it particularly suitable for solar energy, which is produced in a decentralized way by solar panels installed on the roofs […]

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15 May 2024
What do you know about Address Poisoning attacks?

Address poisoning is a type of attack aimed at holders of cryptocurrencies. It's a kind of attack where someone watches a blockchain for transactions, then sends a small amount of crypto to an address that looks very similar to the original one. Address poisoning can indeed be a significant concern in the crypto space. It's […]

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12 March 2024
Is Disney back in the metaverse?

Disney and Epic Games will collaborate to create an open and persistent game universe, bringing together characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar and Pixar. The Walt Disney Company is taking a $1.5 billion equity stake in Epic Games to build what it calls a "persistent universe," less than a year after shuttering its Metaverse division. […]

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4 March 2024
Gender gap in female-led blockchain startups. Women's companies received only 6% of investments

The number of startups and new companies led by women saw a slight increase from 8.3% in 2022 to 8.6% in the third quarter of 2023. A research by Bitget discovered that the gender gap is present also in this new workfield and this is due to the investments. Over the past two years, a […]

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9 January 2024
Metaverse and AI trends. The job market linked to Web 3.0 in 2024

The Metaverse is a big sea where every technology can have its place, most of all the artificial intelligence. For understanding the importance of this market let's underline four key aspects of the Metaverse: the virtual economy, urban planning and architecture, artificial intelligence, and gamification. The virtual Economy between metaverse, crypto and AI The metaverse economy […]

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4 January 2024
Smart Glasses Saga: from Google's rise and fall to the prospects of AI-powered eyewear

In 2015, Google Glass exploded like meteors, special smart glasses able to take pictures, shoot videos with cameras implanted in frames, make and receive calls and much more. The IT giant project didn’t take off. There would have been a new attempt in August 2022, but privacy issues have set it back once again. In […]

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2 January 2024
What is Blockchain Explorer?

A blockchain explorer, in short, is an online tool that allows you to view and analyze information relating to a blockchain, such as the blocks that compose it, transactions, addresses and related statistics. By blockchain explorer we mean a tool now considered indispensable for all those who intend to trade cryptocurrencies with well-founded hopes of […]

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11 December 2023
Is Ethereum being hit by censorship? The situation in a glance

Ethereum is the world's second-largest blockchain and is living a difficult situation for months with the U.S. government. Data is now showing a sort of censorship. As Coindesk recently reported we can observe an "effort by block builders to exclude transactions linked to entities sanctioned by the U.S. government". In details, four of the five […]

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1 December 2023
Forbes Under 30 list lands on blockchain

NEW YORK - Forbes places on Ethereum its "Under 30" list. 30 names of 30 brilliant young people, in different categories, that could make the future of business. The decision is valid for the North America's list. So the data and profiles of the people included on the list, will be permanently recorded on blockchain. […]

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