10 January 2023
What is GPT Chat, the AI that scares programmers

CHAT GPT - Esteban Diaz, Executive Account Manager at Dell Technologies talking about an increasingly digitized world, where AI, algorithms and metaverse rampant said: "The wonder of our brain is always unique. And technology is always looking for a machine that can match. Several projects worldwide are working in this direction. Technology has always been […]

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24 December 2022
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to Finance

There is no doubt that the financial industry is undergoing a revolution. It will have devastating effects for the entire industries yet provide opportunities for those who manage to adapt and not evolve. Those adapting will: Those not adapting will die! Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Finance Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of […]

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4 December 2022
Discovering Web 3 

Web3 is the modern term to indicate a new internet’s concept, still in development.  This term was create in 2014 by Gaving Wood, Ethereum co-creator.  “We engineer the system to mathematically enforce our prior assumptions, since no government or organisation can reasonably be trusted”, said Wood. It’s consecutive to Web1 and Web2. Web3 Technology Web3 […]

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27 November 2022
Cairo 1.0: StarkNet’s open source

What is StarkNet? StarkNet is a decentralized license Validity-Rollup.  It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, authorizing all apps to achieve unlimited scale for its computation. This, without compromising Ethereum’s security. About StarkNet supports scale. It keeps the L1 Ethereum’s security with the introduction of STARK proof off-chain and then verifying those proofs on-chain. […]

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13 November 2022
Crypto law advances despite FTX fall

USA, Crypto law advances despite FTX fall. Stabenow and Boozman - senators - published the last version of the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act 2022 (DCCPA) despite FTX’s failure.  “Stabenow and I remain committed to advancing a final version of the DCCPA that creates a regulatory framework that allows for international cooperation and gives consumers […]

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6 November 2022
Biden vs Twitter: “Spews lies”

Elon Musk’s affaire On October 27, Elon Musk bought Twitter after months of wafflings for $44 billions.  Mr. Musk, a “free speach absolutist”, said that he wants to make Twitter more freewheeling place for all types of commentary.  David Kaye, a law teacher at the University of California, said: “There could be real-world consequences to […]

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29 October 2022
Digitisation of Telcos

Digital transformation has become a top priority for telco firms the world over as they race to become digital service and experience providers. In fact, Telcos rank second within the sectors expecting moderate to large digital disruption over the coming months, according to a survey. The classic Telco services consisting of voice, messaging and data […]

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10 October 2022
Slack and Teams security compromised

Slack and Teams - for those who don’t know them - are two new ways to communicate by bringing people together to work as one unified team. Additionally, Teams has the possibility to do video calls.  Recently, one group of researchers found that these apps are subject to third-party programs: this means that they’re not safe. […]

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6 October 2022
Roblox: the Map of an Eco-Village Made in Italy is open

Roblox -> not just a game, but survival, buildings, adventures and now also a special map Made in Italy! Roblox metaverse is the most popular metaverse in the world with Fortnite and Sandbox and others of game origin, but the number of its users per day are absolutely unbeatable, more than fifty millions! News from […]

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