9 May 2023
How trading robots and robo-advisors are shaking-up the investment world

In a world where digital technologies are changing the way we invest, robo-advisors and trading robots are becoming increasingly popular. But what are they exactly and how do they work?  The trading robots Trading robots are automated software that use algorithms to analyze market data and make trading decisions. These robots have become increasingly popular […]

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4 May 2023
Bug Hunt: How to Hack Hackers with OpenAI’s Bug Bounty Program

In Italy, ChatGPT has been blocked by the Privacy Authority and and returned in early May. However, the chatbot is continuing to operate in other parts of the world, growing and improving. OpenAI has announced that it has found a way to incentivize users to find any bugs in the platform. OpenAI Launches Bug Bounty […]

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26 April 2023
Revolution in oncology: how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the fight against cancer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up new perspectives in the fight against cancer, one of humanity’s most challenging diseases. With the increasing use of advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI is revolutionizing oncology, enabling more accurate early detection, personalized treatment, and better patient management. Some of these studies come directly from Italy. How artificial intelligence […]

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15 April 2023
Microsoft launches AI image generator for Bing

Bing Image Creator is a useful tool for creating custom and original images. It using a wide selection of images and advanced customization tools. It was launched in March by Microsoft thanks to the integration of Dall-E 2, an AI-based image generation tool developed by OpenAI.    Bing Image Creator, the AI for Microsoft images Bing […]

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13 April 2023
Silicon Valley Bank has found a buyer: let's discover First Citizens Bank

Silicon Valley Bank has found a buyer in First Citizens Bank, a North Carolina-based American bank. FCB offers a wide range of banking services, including loans, credit cards, checking accounts, investments, trust services, and more. Getting to Know First Citizens Bank First Citizens Bank is an American bank founded in 1898 in Raleigh, North Carolina. […]

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7 April 2023
Discovering Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu is a meme token that offers real utility in a voting system based on blockchain technology.  Its goal is to provide a new voting system that also allows you to earn. Vote-to-earn The Love Hate Inu platform is based on a new system called “vote-to-earn”. To participate in the surveys, users will […]

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12 March 2023
The effect of SVB crash on the cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk says he's open to buy the bank

After 72 hours the Silicon Valley Bank crash, digital currencies, startups and financial credit are all connect in a huge "domino effect". The bank collapsed when 42 billion dollars in deposits went away and because of the rise in rates that knocked out its portfolio of government bonds. SVB bank was closed on Friday and […]

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26 February 2023
The world of robo-advisors 

Robo-advisors are automated tools that use computer algorithms created by financial advisors or investment managers and data scientists to build and manage investment portfolios. They were introduced to introduce professional money management to the general population. Robo-advisors offer a user-friendly experience in order to give users a perfect web browsing using  minimums investment.  They are […]

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19 February 2023
Are smart contracts really safe?

The recent hacker attack to Dexible created many doubts about the way the smart contracts work in the crypto and blockchain economy. Although they’re not quite perfected yet from either a technical or procedural standpoint, smart contracts are starting to look like a sizeable disruptive force for the legale industry. Smart contracts are also sometimes […]

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