6 Settembre 2022
Why should you invest in the Metaverse?

Metaverse's potential 2021 was the year the term metaverse went mainstream. There was a slew of announcements from tech giants looking to capitalize on the buzz. The most well-known was Facebook’s rebrand to Meta in November. Microsoft didn’t fall behind with its $70 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Even Epic Games got in on the action by announcing a $1 billion […]

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4 Settembre 2022
Which brands registered highest revenue from NFTs?

Despite of general skepticism, fear of being left out, the volatility of cryptocurrencies and a younger target audience, brands have definitely found the way to approach Metaverse. Virtual releases have dominated the past year and even the most skeptical have given it a try. Nonfungible tokens have given major brands new ways of interacting with […]

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31 Agosto 2022
Blockchain successfully applied to Italian Municipal administrations

ITALY - The positive practice already started by other italian local administrations continues in Puglia After the pilot experience of the Municipality of Barletta which was the first to notarize its Integrated Plan of Activities and Organization (PIAO) on a permissionless blockchain. Following the first case of notarization of the mandate program of the new […]

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23 Agosto 2022
MTV's VMA introduces Best Metaverse Performance

UNITED STATES - How do we understand if something new is becaming part of our lives? Here at The Meta Economist we think this happens when the "new" overruns into everyday life. MTV’s Video Music Awards, the international prize linked to music video, this year will have a new category: the award for Best Metaverse […]

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2 Agosto 2022
Apple and Lamborghini: together on the road?

Luigi Taraborrelli, a 20-years experience employee of the Italian carmaker Lamborghini, seems to be hired by Apple Inc. to help lead the design of Apple’s future vehicle, according to people with knowledge who asked not to be identified as the matter is not public.  Taraborrelli worked for the Italian brand on models such as the […]

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29 Luglio 2022
The unexpected impact of technology on climate

CLIMATE IMPACT TECHNOLOGY - Would you have said that 30 of the emails in your mailbox have the same impact on the environment as a light bulb lit for 24h? And that the average carbon footprint of a half-hour Netflix video is equivalent to driving a conventional car for about 100 meters? Digital technology has […]

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26 Luglio 2022
Smart working and Teleworking: similarities and differences

SMART WORKING TELECOMMUTING - With the restrictions due to the pandemic from Covid-19 came forcefully into our lives the term smart working. In Italy, however, the term smart working is - in most cases - incorrectly used to indicate what in reality is telecommuting. In the reality of things, however, in Italy and abroad both […]

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25 Luglio 2022
Metaverse Strategist wanted? Here is a list of countries where you can work in the metaverse system

WORKING AS A METAVERSE SPECIALIST - As Anlytics Insight reports there are some countries that, better than others, are searching for new job title concern with metaverse. Metaverse Stragegist? Metaverse specialist? What kind of name will have this new role? The only thing we know is that this job is the future and the […]

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20 Luglio 2022
Rising Technology Trends Impacting the World

Arthur Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" – Having known this let’s take a sneak peek as to what is in store as major technology trends as per me -  Anywhere and Anytime Data/AI/ML aiding Digital Transformation: Orchestrated pre pandemic but accepted as a necessity during the pandemic, businesses and governments […]

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15 Luglio 2022
The European Union fears about financial stability. A report by The Macroprudential Bulletin

The Macroprudential Bulletin from the European Central Bank had the purpose of studying 3 areas considered very important for the crypto future: the growth in relevance of stablecoin the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies as a whole (in addition to the classic BTC) and the role of the Defi. Here we will focus on what emerged […]

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