Apple Vision Pro: new device by Apple

Apple steps into the mixed reality and launches Apple Vision Pro

6 June 2023


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Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new product: Apple Vision Pro.

The new device had been predicting since 2015 and its price is $3,499.

The final “Pro” part in the name indicates that the product use is better for experts.


Apple Vision Pro comes from a perfect combination of glass and aluminum. 

The unmistakable Apple design provides that Apple Vision Pro has an ergonomic headband able to adapt to any shape of the head. In fact, hundreds of anthropocentric studies have been carried out for the perfect realization and success of the headband.

The headband’s role is also to function as custom sound system thanks to two micro speakers connected inside. 

Authentication and safety 

Apple adopted - for the first time - the Optic ID system. It consists on a new authentication system able to unlock the device only after recognizing the iris of the owner. 

Two cameras send invisible lights towards the eye and compare the recent image withe the archived one: than, Secure Enclave unlock the process and Apple Vision Pro is ready to use.

Vision Pro is entirely controlled by the eyes. 

Users can also use their voice to give commands.

A digital washer like the Apple Watch ones allows users to switch from the surrounding environment to a full digital representation.


The new Apple device has two catadioptric lens that giving to users the impression of looking at a 100-inch screen with 180-degree vision.

Apple collaborates with Zeiss in order to produce customized lens for people who have visual defects.

Apple Vision Pro allows to see the surrounded environment in a mix of reality and graphic elements .

3D Cam

The advanced product introduced a new 3D cam allows users to shoot 3dimensional and immersive images.



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