There is so much to be interested about the inaugural Dubai Metaverse Assembly, first announced by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, and organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, is set to take place on September 28 and 29. As Ian Oxborrow underlines in The National News

The assembly will establish a global platform for launching discussions that will help to identify the opportunities of the metaverse and its potential, state news agency Wam reported.

The Dubai Future Foundation said that the assembly aimed to position Dubai as one of the best cities in the world by investing in promising economic opportunities, adopting and deploying metaverse technology, and developing digital infrastructure that supports global transformations and the digital economy.

PHOTO: UAE Government Media Office

Ilaria Vanni interviews Silvio Luchetti, a young web 3.0 expert based in Switzerland. Luchetti is also founder and director of Startup Grind Lugano, an association that aims to create and nurture the local entrepreneurial ecosystem Web3.0

Ethereum meets the green. The cryptocurrency platform has in fact completed, after years of delay and frenetic experimentation, the so-called 'Merge', or the upgrade that allows its infrastructure to become more sustainable and reduce energy consumption. "This is the first step in Ethereum's great journey towards a more mature system," says Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. "For me, Merge symbolizes the difference between the early stages of Ethereum and the Ethereum that we have always wanted. This is a great moment for our ecosystem."

For the cryptocurrency industry, this is a rare moment of rejoicing in a difficult year, which saw $ 1 trillion burn from the industry, forcing several companies into bankruptcy. Eco-friendly routes, first introduced to U.S-based users last year, offer to show more fuel-efficient routes instead of the fastest ones.

This technology is made possible thanks to insights from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and data from the European Environment Agency", the company said in a blog post.

Users can see the eco-friendly route marked with a leaf label and choose fuel-efficient routing among the new options. The company is also launching a new feature for car owners to choose their vehicle’s engine type to get personalized suggestions for fuel-efficient routes best suited for the engine.

Three professionist in different fields (architecture, environmental psychology and blockchain) tell about their adventure with a new You Tube channel that wants to investigate about the new players working on the new digital space that will be part of our future lives. The point to underline is the sinergy of all the professional fields to work together on the metaverse as we do in the real life. The metaverse will help us if we will be able to create a dialogue between all the needs that we try to answear also in everyday life.

UNITED STATES - How do we understand if something new is becaming part of our lives? Here at The Meta Economist we think this happens when the "new" overruns into everyday life. MTV’s Video Music Awards, the international prize linked to music video, this year will have a new category: the award for Best Metaverse Performace. The show of the VMA this year will be back in Newark, N.J., air on Aug. 28th. The awards show focuses on the music stars and their music video and is now trying to head off new generations, since the audience of the last years is recently very low compared to the millions recorded in earlier 2000.

The nominees are based on performances that took place metaverse platforms as Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots, and K-pop groups BLACKPINK and BTS. One of this six artists will win the Best Metaverse Performace. Voting for the category ends this Friday.

So the question is: will the metaverse already changed our lives and our habits? Will Mtv's audience grow because of this new marketing choice? We will see after the night of the show.

Source: Fortune

Ilaria Vanni interviews Gabriele Cavargna Bontosi. Gabriele has a Master in Engineering from the Turin Polytechnic, and holds an MBA from the International University of Monaco. He started his career in Consulting to later transition to the luxury industry. In 2017 he recognised the breakthrough potential of the blockchain technology and cofounded Dexlab, a venture aiming at fostering the global adoption of the decentralized economy, where he currently serves as COO. Fascinated about decentralized governance, he currently serves as a core Team member at PieDAO, one of the earliest example of decentralized collective intelligence built by DeFi veterans, and the community of choice of many of the best known DeFi anons and OGs.

In our video area Ilaria Vanni has a new guest: Massimo Maggio, an international art insurance manager who is now investing in the metaverse connected to art. "What we need is to think about a virtual gallery as a new opportunity in selling and buying art pieces, not something that will delete a real meeting. Just another way of showing art" Maggio says.

The Meta Economist has a new guest to meet: Ansh Chaudhary. Ansh has around two decades of experience in verticals like CX, Digital Transformation, Telecom, Wireless, Retail, CPG, CE, Martech, Emerging Tech, SAAS, CPAAS, CDP, NFT, Web 3.0. Has contributed toward leadership roles across strategy, sales, product management and alliances during his global professional career. He has served across companies like Tata, Wipro, Ushacomm, Cellcast and BCGI. He has dabbled with two stints in entrepreneurship building vvidia which was a platform to optimize short format mobile video delivery over 2G+ networks and now eywa which is a CDP with omnichannel communications for enterprises to boost their CX (customer experience) and digital transformation. Mentor at accelerators and forums like Morpheus, Startupbootcamp, Keiretsu Forum, TiE, Connect Ireland, YFS Hong Kong, Zone Startups, United Nations, NewChip, CMO Council. Speaker at global events. He is a curious and humble learner open to new views, thoughts, arguments, business, visions and always looking forward to build new friends and networks. He has travelled and worked in different countries.

UKRAINE - Cryptocurrencies have taken on a decisive role in the war scenario that has been staged at the gates of Europe for too long now. Put to the test by the continuous Russian attacks, the Ukrainian military finds in digital assets an essential tool to be able to continue to defend their country. This was revealed by Alex Bornyakov, the Ukrainian minister who in a tweet praises the effectiveness of cryptocurrency operations, widely exploited since the beginning of the conflict for the military and civilian population. A sign of the fact that Bitcoin and crypto scenario where it operates with greater force precisely in "traditional" systems fail. It is also a sign of the fact that the use cases already exist, especially for those who do not have the luxury allowed us to do everything through the bank.

WORKING AS A METAVERSE SPECIALIST - As Anlytics Insight reports there are some countries that, better than others, are searching for new job title concern with metaverse.

Metaverse Stragegist? Metaverse specialist? What kind of name will have this new role? The only thing we know is that this job is the future and the present. Some country more than other already understood this. According to Anlytics Insight, this is the top 10 countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


Chinese technology companies have begun testing the water by developing metaverse type apps, trademarking metaverse-related phrases, and investing in the VR/AR segment. For those who are highly interested to work as Metaverse professionals, China seems your dream destination. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


Indian companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Tanishq and MakeMyTrip have ventured into the metaverse space and are paving the road to the digital future. The companies using metaverse-related tools and NFTs as marketing tools to expand their operations to the digital world are spread across several sectors. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


Israeli tech is aiming on playing a significant role in the Metaverse, with research by seed and pre-seed venture capital firm Remagine Ventures showing that the local landscape already includes almost 50 companies that are active in this blossoming sector.

Saudi Arabia

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will lead the region will it comes to investing in the metaverse, with the Middle East becoming a “major player” in the online virtual world. Dubai is now home to MetaIncubator; the first Metaverse Incubator in the Middle East, designed to foster the development of early-stage Metaverse and Web3 applications. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


The idea of the Metaverse started in the U.S. and there are many companies developing parallel technologies like AR and VR as well. In March 2021, American game company Roblox landed on the New York Stock Exchange, bringing the Metaverse concept to the mainstream. The CEO of Microsoft even said outright that all the tech giants would enter the Metaverse.


The mixture of the real with the virtual has been happening in Japan for many years. Japanese games are generally immersive, their Visual Novel already tries to lead their players to a new life with relationships and friends. Something that has become popular recently is YouTube channels where the presenters are most often anime-style characters called V-tube. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


According to new research, individuals in the UK are the most curious about the metaverse in the entire continent. Speaking on the metaverse prospects the immersive metaverse environments could become addictive while encouraging people to “put many, many more sensors in our homes and our workplaces,” relinquishing control of more of their data and their privacy. Meanwhile, employees of companies that use the metaverse would have little option but to participate in the system or leave their jobs.


Canada’s tech companies are already deep in the metaverse market, working in every corner of the economy, offering products and services that both improve lives and deliver a sense of wonder. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2022.


Many French companies were involved at a VivaTech event – also attended by tech giant Meta. The event focused on virtual reality – an integral part of metaverse’s future – and also saw companies like French luxury giant LVMH allow attendants to try on their clothing via augmented reality. Companies expected to make massive profits as the technology is expected to generate five trillion dollars by the end of the decade, according to a recent report from consulting giant McKinsey, with the e-commerce sector set to benefit the most.


South Korea is the first country where the government is all in the Metaverse, with Korean companies being equally bullish in turn. Korean government announced that it would invest $3.3 million to establish a Korean Metaverse platform, “Metaverse Seoul”.

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