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Blockchain successfully applied to Italian Municipal administrations

31 August 2022


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ITALY - The positive practice already started by other italian local administrations continues in Puglia After the pilot experience of the Municipality of Barletta which was the first to notarize its Integrated Plan of Activities and Organization (PIAO) on a permissionless blockchain. Following the first case of notarization of the mandate program of the new Mayor of Giovinazzo as a new form of disruptive participation, also the regional capital municipality has decided to notarize the recently adopted PIAO on the permssionless Algorand blockchain infrastructure. The PIAO is part of an italian normative and regulatory path of transition from the previous planning monadism to integrated planning. This path has been quite long and troubled; the same was inspired by the desire to streamline the planning burdens of the Public Administrations. At the same time promoting the pluralism of confrontation with the various subjects called to express themselves.

The complexity of this process led the Minister of the Public Administration to coin the oxymoron "simplifying is complicated". The PIAO replaces the previous plans for performance, corruption prevention, personnel needs, agile work organization, training, rationalization, audit, etc. As highlighted by the Council of State and authoritative commentators, it is not the sum of the individual plans, but a new planning architecture aimed at developing policies generating public value. On the one hand, as the CEO of Blockchian Italia says - Pietro Azzara - this is a technology with an Italian mind and heart, having been conceived and designed by fellow countryman Turing prize and professor at MIT in Boston prof. Silvio Micali, on the other hand, as reported by the Director of the Financial Service of the Municipality of Bari - Giuseppe Ninni - the usefulness, sustainability and resilience of this technology has also been promoted at national level as highlighted by Bank of Italy in a recent paper publication. This further testimony is proof of how blockchain technology is increasingly used also in the public sector and how Italy is strengthening its position in the ranking of the countries most engaged in the implementation of blockchain technologies.

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