Crypto Platform Freeway: stop services

Crypto Platform Freeway: stop services 

24 October 2022


Crypto Platform Freeway born with a simple idea: to make finance satisfying for everyone. 

It consists of a centralized platform that combining the best of traditional finance with the best of decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Recently Freeway stopped its transitions and services until new strategies are implemented. 

Their “Superchargers” products offer up to 43% annual rewards.

Freeway shared a tweet in which we can read: “As all of you will be aware, there has been unprecedented volatility in Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency markets in recent times”. 

So, we can’t know details about its new strategies and when updates will be ready. Freeway, will notify us when it will be set to offer new better platform’s use to consumers. 

Before it will notify us when Supercharger will be partial ready and then when it will be 100% ready to use. 

Stay tuned… 

SOURCE: CoinTelegraph 


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