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Innovative Business Models between Immersive Reality and Web3

29 May 2023


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Metaverse? Immersive reality? Web3? Artificial intelligence? What a confusion! These are concepts that bombard us nowadays, but how do we apply them in our everyday reality? What do we do with them? And what do companies do with them? Let's start with...

Immersive Reality for Business

We can imagine immersive reality for business as the 3D digital reproduction of a work environment where "YOU" are the protagonist, "completely immersed and engaged," and where you can interact with the environment itself. The concept of vertical immersive reality is rapidly growing. According to statistical data, soon websites and platforms will be in 3D, and the reason is that they work better and have a "Wow!" effect. This is the new trend!

From the latest news, artificial intelligence also plays a crucial role in this. One day, it will self-generate on its own. How? In 3D, thus in immersive reality! How many years until it self-generates on its own? How many years from now?

Metaverse vs Immersive Reality

We talk about the "Metaverse," but how? It is understood as a global immersive space, but it should be specified that this concept actually belongs to Zuckerberg's concept of the Metaverse, a concept where we will all live in a 3D cloud, which is challenging and highly debated!

But that's another thing... His concept of the Metaverse is Zuckerberg's Metaverse... here we are talking about "immersive reality." It is true that investors are leaving Zuckerberg's concept of the Metaverse... but they are not abandoning the concept of immersive reality!

Metaverses, understood as new business models, and therefore as "immersive reality" and Web3, are a reality that is decisively entering the business of many companies as an innovative working tool. Immersive reality is already an existing business tool for many companies.

Immersive Reality in the business sector and beyond

At this moment, the demand for immersive reality in the fashion industry, real estate, and other economic sectors is high and continues to grow exponentially because the world is moving towards 3D.

Today, even the education sector is influenced by this new reality, and institutions like Luiss Business School are not waiting to promote webinars such as "The Metaverse: Legal Aspects of the Encounter between Real and Virtual." Here, courses are being offered to understand the potential and usage of immersive reality! And more...

The Example of Accenture with the First Edition of the Metaverse Academy

"The latest technological evolutions related to areas such as the metaverse and Web3 are contributing to redefining companies' business models, from customer interaction to the way of working and talent development.

For this reason, Accenture is launching the first edition of the Metaverse Academy in Italy, targeting younger employees to acquire the necessary skills to face the new challenges posed by technological change. Talents will thus have the opportunity to delve into the impact and possible applications of the virtual universe throughout the value chain and in every business area, together with industry experts."

And these are just some news pieces showing how "immersive reality" is emerging as a new business model! There are numerous economic sectors that now share their ways of utilizing this "innovative and revolutionary working tool!"


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