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iOS 18: which AI will the Cupertino's company pick? The competition is between Google, OpenAI and Anthropic

29 March 2024


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Recently from Bloomberg Mark Gurman revealed a possible agreement between Apple and Google to bring Gemini to iPhones. However the journalist has now provided further details on the partnerships that the Cupertino company could also start with OpenAI and Anthropic to include AI features in iOS 18.

The AI projects currently under construction

It has to say that Apple has been developing its Ajax model for a few years. The point here is if the iPhone parent company is considering to ask for help to speed up the launch of AI features with iOS 18. According to Gurman, the Cupertino company has contacted Google, OpenAI and Anthropic to integrate their respective models into the new version of the operating system. The idea would be to use Gemini, GPT or Claude for the chatbot (basically an enhanced version of Siri), while Ajax will manage other activities (in China an agreement with Baidu is possible). But why would Apple ask multiple providers for external support? A possible exclusive partnership with Google would certainly end up under the scrutiny of the authorities. The billion-dollar contract signed for the default search engine is one of the topics covered during the antitrust trial against the Mountain View company (which also pays a significant percentage of advertising revenue).

Interestingly, Apple can leverage generative AI services without having to deal with the huge costs of running models, instead shifting some of that responsibility to its partners. This could open up new monetization opportunities for the company, as well as accelerate the deployment of AI capabilities without having to directly invest in expensive infrastructure.

The other new could be on the support for the Messages app that would significantly improve iPhone users' messaging experience, allowing them to enjoy more advanced and interactive features. Additionally, a refreshed design and more customizable home screen could help maintain user interest and further differentiate the iPhone experience from that of competitors. The 2024 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) promises to be very interesting, with many expectations for the innovations that Apple will present. It remains to be seen how these new features will be received and how they will influence the future of the smartphone market.

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