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Vaticans lands into the metaverse with NFTs. But it was a fake news

20 June 2022


VATICAN METAVERSE NFT - There will not be a Sistine Chapel in the metaverse, for now. During the recent days, a rumor began to circulate that the Vatican was launching its own art gallery in Non-Fungible Token, with works from the Vatican Museums. After a few days, Humanity 2.0, the NGO that was to curate the exhibition together with the Swiss company Sensorium, denied it.

But this was a fake news

There is no agreement and there has been no Vatican confirmation. Someone spoke on behalf of the Vatican, stating, with two fake press releases, that it would be "A public-private partnership aimed at extending the availability of the Vatican cultural heritage, from manuscripts to works of art to academic initiatives, to those who would not be able to benefit otherwise”, said the Sensorium press release. 

The answer of Father Philip Larrey, dean of philosophy of the Pontifical Lateran University and president of the Humanity 2.0 society was completely invented too: "We can't wait to work with Sensorium to make art democratic and make it available for everything. The world regardless of their socio-economic or geographical limitations ”. 

After a few days, the Vatican denied the news, saying they were not fully aware of this NFT and metaverse project.

Father Larrey’s denial

The possible agreement between Sensorium and the Vatican, at the moment won’t come to life. The Swiss company founded by the Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, speaking to the American media, claimed that there had been a real agreement between the Vatican Museums and the NFTs. Sensorium tokens, called Senso, also suffered a decline of 12.97% in the following 24 hours, after the official denial by Father Larrey.

For more information about it, just click on the link, which takes you back to the full article → Vaticano, la fake news della galleria Nft nel metaverso.


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