A Robot asdirector

Could a robot be the new director of the Korean National Symphony Orchestra?

3 July 2023


A Robot appeared on June 30 during the representation of the Korean National Symphony Orchestra. 

The Robot didn't appear just as a guest, but it conducted the orchestra during the show.

For that reason, South Korea got the record about the first robot-conductor's public appearance.

EveR 6 is the name of the new "director" and it’s managed by Android system.

The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) produced that incredible Machine which presents a human face and forms. 

The Korea Institute taught to EveR 6 - through motion capture tech via sensor - a conductor’s baton trajectory. 

Soo-Yeoul Choi, the co-conductor, revealed that “the robot was able to present such detailed moves much better than I had imagined”.

SOURCE: CoinTelegraph


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