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16 November 2023
A new economy is possibile. Investing in yourself, offering the services of a coach

Here at The Meta Economist we are persuaded that the new economy system has something to deal with self-confidence. This because we are approaching this new economic era with the awareness that or goals will be connect to our personal decision not to the big economic system's ones. Believe in yourself will lead to believe […]

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31 October 2023
Cryptos, a technological tool in the service of human rights?

Bitcoin is the best-known blockchain technology. As a leading cryptocurrency, it is a source of great hope, as well as great fear. More and more NGO volunteers declare that it can be a tool of freedom in the service of human rights, while on the other side of the spectrum, crypto-anarchists evoke fears of ever-greater […]

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23 October 2023
Web3: the 3 tools of financial sovereignty

Web3 is the first tool to make financial sovereignty possible. We're not just talking about individual financial sovereignty, in the sense of a life based on income and dividends. We're talking about not just individual, but collective financial sovereignty, made possible by 3 Web3 tools:  Blockchain,  Cryptocurrencies,  DAO.  Knowledge of these technologies is the only […]

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16 October 2023
Is the Digital nomadisme really a scam?

Digital nomadism is a new trend. Born of the digital professions, the digital nomad is a business leader, often a freelancer, sometimes a teleworker, able to carry out his or her digital activity anywhere in the world.  The digital nomad would be able to travel from country to country, filling his or her life with […]

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11 October 2023
Tokenization: from real estate to assets, rethinking economy

The token was born with blockchain technology. Since the creation of the first blockchain in 2008, by Satoshi Nakamoto, the token has become the biggest financial revolution since the advent of the internet and the personal computer. So much so that we are now talking about three new concepts:  The tokenization of real estate,  The […]

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