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23 January 2024


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The need for a web with social networks that are not owned by a single large company that can use them for all its own purposes, also deciding their trends, but social platforms that, being a resource of the IT network, are immutable, uncensorable and visible without algorithms of uncertain application. Decentralized Finance is more than ever and increasingly an established reality, DeFi representing an alternative and a complete world in itself for new financial horizons, apparently freer and less binding.

If DeFi, therefore represents the world of cryptocurrencies, DeSo is and will be the world of decentralized social networks, a project already full of applications that is trying to network and offer everyone the opportunity to create them; DeSo already offers a world map where you can identify yourself as a web3 enthusiast, clearly not everyone decides to be visible, but those who do will certainly be able to start networking. It tends to seem that the decentralized social networks of the future will be created based on common purposes, projects and topics; this effectively provides further confirmation that social media and communities will be practically the same thing. At the moment the most functional, interconnected, productive and active communities on web 2 are found only on Discord which could prove to be the only "social" that will be saved in a new era for the web.

DeSo - What it offers

The DeSo token can be purchased from 2021 as a cryptocurrency, initially it started with a very high and optimistic value, but for two years its decline has been weighty and constant, only at the moment is it recovering. In web 3 there are many projects which, although absolutely interesting, have suffered a huge setback with huge losses, the problem probably lies in the anticipation of the needs that these projects represent, but it can't go much differently from this, presumably it will still take 5 years for the decentralized web to become a reality for almost everyone, at the moment it is for many, but all in all, for very few.
Over 70% of the population still uses social media on the centralized web, especially Meta, and only in the last two years have people begun to develop a certain intolerance in the use of Facebook and Instagram, but it will remain equally and certainly a large pillar in Meta, or Whatsapp for example.


Today, there are over 100 other projects running nodes and building apps on DeSo. You can find the application already available on deso web site

Social tokens, social NFTs, and social tipping, three categories of products pioneered by DeSo, are already changing the game in terms of how creators monetize on the internet, but they're only the beginning.

Because DeSo is money-native and open-source, anyone in the world can start to experiment with new ways for creators to monetize by building an app on top of DeSo. The DeSo blockchain is fundamentally an open protocol that the entire world can build on collaboratively.

Here are a few ideas of what's possible to build on DeSo (fully on-chain):

  • Activity Feeds
  • AI-Driven Content Creation
  • Creator Monetization Tools
  • DAO Tooling
  • Decentralized Media
  • Decentralized Social Networks
  • Forums & Communities
  • Fundraising Platforms
  • Image Sharing Apps
  • Governance & Polls
  • Loyalty & Referral Programs
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • NFT Minting Sites
  • Open-Source Algorithms
  • Play-2-Earn Gaming
  • Video Sharing Apps

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