Cairo 1.0: StarkNet’s open source

Cairo 1.0: StarkNet’s open source

27 November 2022


What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a decentralized license Validity-Rollup. 

It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, authorizing all apps to achieve unlimited scale for its computation. This, without compromising Ethereum’s security.


StarkNet supports scale. It keeps the L1 Ethereum’s security with the introduction of STARK proof off-chain and then verifying those proofs on-chain.

StarkNet is destinate to all developers which can establish any business logic using StarkNet Smart Contracts. 

This platform uses Ethereal level composability to facilitate development and innovation. 

Discovering StarkNet

In this software, users have the possibility to do:

  • Smart contracts support general computation;
  • Interact each other with smart contracts;
  • L1 to L2 communication;
  • Full L1 security through on-chain data (Rollup);
  • Solidity to Cairo Compiler (2020);
  • Range of Data Availability Solutions;
  • Permission-less Sequencer and Prover.

Cairo 1.0: open source 

Cairo 1.0 is the new StarkNet’s open source. 

Ethereum Layer-2 (L-2) will be support the new version of Cairo, scaling solution StarkNet in Q1 2023.

Abdelhamid Bakhta, starkware Exploration Lead and former Ethereum said:

“We’re continuing to open source the StarkNet tech stack, beginning with Cairo 1.0. We’re doing this in order to fulfill StarkNet's vision as a public good that anyone can use, and that the community can constantly improve”. 

Cairo 1.0 builds datas demonstrable, therefore StarkNet’s censorship resistance properties will be reinforced. 

Cairo 1.0 is created from the ground up, allowing for faster feature development and for more community involvement.

This release was defined by its creator “the first milestone in reaching above goals”.

StarkWare’s STARK tech includes Decentralized exchange (DEX), Non Fungible Token (NFT) and Blockchain technology (protocol Celer Network). 


In Cairo 1.0, many of the syntax/language improvements will be use. 

To show the differences between the old syntax and the new in Cairo 1.0, developers added the possibility to demonstrate  to users a few different implementations of finding the Fibonacci number. 

Cairo 1.0 will be available soon, stay tuned and enjoy this new release!

SOURCE: CoinTelegraph


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