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Crypto scam rising on LinkedIn

21 June 2022


Social network and cryptocurrencies, a combination that is not always a good news. In fact users who report the loss of life's earnings through false investments in cryptocurrencies are increasing. Cybercriminals know no limits for carrying out phishing attacks.

CNBC reports some testimonies. One victim was contacted by an alleged manager of a company who advised her to invest $ 400 through He then increased the amount and moved the money to a site run by the scammer, losing everything (almost $ 290,000). LinkedIn has published an official blog post to confirm an increase in fraudulent activity in the past few months. The Californian company, acquired by Microsoft in 2016, uses artificial intelligence and a team of experts to identify fake accounts and scam attempts (the percentages are 96% and 99.1%, respectively). Unfortunately, as recent cases show, scammers still manage to deceive users.


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