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Forbes Under 30 list lands on blockchain

1 December 2023


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NEW YORK - Forbes places on Ethereum its "Under 30" list. 30 names of 30 brilliant young people, in different categories, that could make the future of business. The decision is valid for the North America's list. So the data and profiles of the people included on the list, will be permanently recorded on blockchain. This decision indirectly promotes Web 3 and the new technologies linked to Web 3 and also underlines an important fact. Many blockchain and crypto innovators were part of the list in previous years.

Forbes and Ethereum

The announcement was made by Forbes itself and will be active on Ethereum blockchain. This is to permanently archive published data, including profiles of individual people, but also to promote the potential of blockchain technology and Web3. The list has been published for 30 years now, and represents a now prestigious recognition for individuals in every type of sector, from media, through sports, technology, finance and education, up to art and music. “Forbes is at the forefront of combining traditional media with cutting-edge technology,” said Vadim Supitskiy, chief digital and information officer at Forbes. “By launching our 'Under 30' on the Ethereum blockchain, in addition to recognizing emerging young leaders, we are also demonstrating the vast untapped potential of blockchain technology in the field of data storage and security.”

Under 30 List, the announcement of Class of 2024

As we can read in the official article by Forbes, on November the 28th, was announced the 13thannual Under 30 List for the Class of 2024, recognizing 600 leaders from North America, within 20 different industries, many of whom are creating meaningful change through their entrepreneurship.

“This is one of the most diverse and ambitious Under 30 classes to-date, and particularly in terms of the scope of their work and impact of their leadership,” said Kristin Stoller, Senior Editor, Forbes Under 30. “The large majority are founders or cofounders of a company, but creators and performers are also making their mark as they build their brands beyond traditional artistic scopes.”

Collectively, the Class of 2024 has raised $3.6 billion in fundraising and the celebrities, musicians and creators on the list captured a combined 780M+ social media following. Gen Z gained a stronger presence on this year’s list, making up 33% of the list, up from 22% in 2023.”

SOURCEs: Forbes, The CryptoGateWay

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