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Fashion meets technology: Loro Piano introduces the traceability of garments on blockchain

25 March 2023


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Loro Piano, the famous Italian high fashion brand, is taking innovation to the next level! Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, their clothing will be traceable in a unique and safe way. Finally, every step of the production of their fine fabrics will be documented transparently, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

A project with blockchain to inaugurate the Palo Alto boutique

In March Loro Piana came out with two novelties. First he opened a new boutique in Palo Alto, California. At the same time, it launched a new digital certification service for authenticity and traceability thanks to blockchain technology in collaboration with Aura Blockchain Consortium.

The project involves the customer scanning a QR code on the labels of the twenty items on sale in the boutique. The aim of this initiative is to make it possible to verify the authenticity of the garment purchased and to keep track of its path from the fiber-producing farm to the manufacture. The path of the field is recorded on blockchain for the whole life span, in fact the traceability continues also to the arrival in the store and the purchase of the customer, who can pass on the garment and ascertain its ownership always thanks to the QR code.

Fashion meets art with Charlotte Taylor’s NFT

But the service does not stop there. London artist Charlotte Taylor has created an exclusive 3D digital artwork representing the journey of The Gift of Kings. Through these works, Taylor has been able to capture the true essence of the most precious wool in the world, immortalizing the journey of this precious raw material.

And that’s not all: starting from the spring summer 2023 collection, the digital certification will be extended to all the new garments made with this precious fabric, available in all Loro Piana boutiques present worldwide.

The success of Loro Piano

Loro Piana is an Italian luxury brand that represents Italian craftsmanship excellence in the world. Founded in 1924 as a manufacturer of fine fabrics, Loro Piana has evolved over the years becoming one of the most important fashion houses in the world.

The secret of Loro Piana’s success lies in its attention to quality and in the constant search for valuable and innovative materials. The company’s philosophy is based on the use of natural and sustainable raw materials, such as cashmere wool, virgin wool, silk and cotton, which are processed with the utmost care and attention.

Loro Piana clothing and accessories are synonymous with elegance, comfort and refinement, thanks to their clean lines and the choice of fabrics. Their products are loved by those who seek uncompromising quality and appreciate discreet luxury.

But Loro Piana doesn’t just create clothes: his passion for quality and beauty also extends to furniture and interior design. Their home textiles, in fact, have become famous all over the world for their softness and timeless style. Loro Piana is synonymous with artisanal excellence, discreet luxury and attention to sustainability.

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