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How close are we to experiencing smell and touch in the Metaverse?

17 January 2023


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METAVERSE SMELL TOUCH - From 5 to 8 January, as every year since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Numerous technological innovations were presented at the 2023 edition. Among the most innovative must certainly be mentioned the one presented by OVR Technology, aimed at allowing you to experiment in the metaverse even with the sense of smell. How are we feeling?

OVR Technology brings smell to Metaverso and presents it at CES

The International Consumer Electronics Show, originally called the Consumer Electronics Show, is a consumer electronics fair held by the Consumer Technology Association in the United States since 1967. It is held once a year in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Also known as CES, the fair is one of the most important on the subject of consumer electronics, with a worldwide recognition. During its development, new consumer electronics products are often presented for the first time in the world before being marketed.

In the 2023 edition OVR Technology presented for the first time a VR capable of making a user experience the sense of smell in the metaverse.

The OVR Technology project that makes you experience the sense of smell in the Metaverso

Fortune is reporting the news. The portal reveals that within the fair OVR Technology presented an integrated headphone with a container loaded with eight aromas that can be released in various ways and mixed together.

The project is still under development but should be released by the end of 2023. An earlier version of it had already been released a few years ago for exclusive marketing use; it gave the opportunity to experiment with fragrances such as roasted marshmallows and rose beds.

During the presentation at CES, Aaron Wisniewski, CEO of OVR Technology said:

"We are entering an era where extended reality will drive commerce, entertainment, education, social connection and well-being. The quality of these experiences will be measured by how engaging and emotionally engaging they are. The perfume infuses them with unparalleled power".

Not only smell, touch also tries to present itself in the metaverse

While the company of Aurora Townsend, FireFlare Games, would be working on a dating app that allows you to live the experience of touch making virtual reality even more immersive.

"Being able to feel the earth as you walk with your partner, or holding hands with it while you do it - says Townsend - subtle ways that we involve people will change once tactile technology is completely immersive in VR".

Tactile stimulation technologies in VR are far behind.

Also at the CES, Ozan Ozaskinli tested a jacket and gloves designed to make users experience the sense of touch immersed in virtual reality or simple video conferencing. His experience, however, was not entirely positive enough to say that we are still "far from reality". Although he then added: "But if they are considering replacing Zoom meetings, why not? At least you can hear something".

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