Preserve Tuvalu Island

Meta-solutions to preserve Tuvalu Island

20 November 2022


Tuvalu is an island which its part of an archipelago consisting of nine island between Australia and Hawaii. There live almost 12.000 people but scientists communicated that this island will be totally underwater by the end of the 21st century.

To preserve Tuvalu, the island of South Pacific, Ministry Hon Simon Kofe decided to act in an unusually way.

Because of the climate changes and the consecutive scare for an augmented sea levels, the last and the best alternative is to recreate  the island in the metaverse. 

A double effect

Now almost 40% of the nation’s district is underwater with rising sea level. 

For this reason the meta-way is an excellent idea. 

With the creation of this metaverse, Tuvalu will be the first digitized nation in the meta-world. 

This will be an opportunity to the district to promote its ocean and culture which, how Kofe said, “are the most precious assets”.


Last year, at the conference COP26, Kofe did the conference standing in seawater to put attention on the dangerous that climate change represent on an island like Tuvalu.

The world has only eight years to reduce global emission and to preserve the 1.5C target.


In 2021, the island nation of Barbados created an embassy in the Decentraland metaverse.

This year, an Australian indigenous tribe wanted to created an embassy in a metaverse like Barbados did. 

Norway destined a space to host its federal tax office in the metaverse.

UAE did a new headquarters for its own Ministry of Economy on meta-world. 

Also Seoul, South Korea and Santa Monica recreated - and amplified - their spaces creating others on metaverse. 

SOURCE: The Guardian 


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