A dive into the future of technological innovations in Milan

16 May 2024


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On May 15, 2024, the Italian stage of Reply Xchange 2024 kicked off in Milan, at the Superstudio Più in via Tortona. This annual event, organized by the Italian multinational Reply, is a reference point for the technology sector, bringing together over five thousand participants among customers, partners and professionals. This year’s edition stands out for its cutting-edge innovations in the fields of Affective Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (Genai), to show how these technologies are revolutionizing various industries.

Affective Computing: the revolution of digital humans

One of the most significant innovations presented at Reply Xchange 2024 is Affective Computing, a field that deals with the development of systems capable of recognizing, processing and simulating human emotions. This technology has applications that go far beyond entertainment, allowing the creation of incredibly realistic "digital humans". An emblematic example is Ameca, a humanoid robot capable of reproducing a wide range of human expressions thanks to over 800 facial engines. Ameca represents a step forward in the simulation of human behavior, potentially revolutionizing the interaction between man and machine.

Artificial intelligence and GenAI solutions

The solutions of AI and Genai were other protagonists of the event. These technologies are designed to meet a wide range of business needs, from production to marketing, sales support and training. But their applications do not stop there. Reply has developed advanced systems to address critical social challenges such as work and road safety, as well as cyber protection.

Road safety and distraction detection

One of the most impressive innovations concerns the safety systems for cars. These systems are able to identify a driver distraction in a fraction of a second, analyzing the driving style and detecting warning signals such as the use of the mobile phone or abnormal movements of the eyes and pupils. This technology could significantly reduce the number of road accidents, improving safety for all road users.

Creativity and Generative AI

Reply Xchange has also explored the potential of generative artificial intelligence, which is transforming the world of creativity. Concrete examples include the production of songs and short films entirely made with Genai, demonstrating how these technologies can be used to create original and innovative content.

The future of artificial intelligence

Filippo Rizzante, chief technology officer at Reply, stressed that artificial intelligence is affecting every aspect of software and the physical world. " Objects become smarter and smarter, both fixed and mobile infrastructure such as robots," Rizzante said. This statement reflects the explosion of new technologies that we are experiencing, comparable in scope and impact to the first era of the Internet.

The next steps of Reply Xchange 2024

After Milan, Reply Xchange 2024 will continue its journey, with stops in Munich and London on June 4th. These events will allow you to continue exploring and discussing the latest technological trends, offering a unique platform for innovation and international collaboration.

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