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Tim launches new digital booths: technology and security at the service of Smart Cities

3 October 2023


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Tim launches the new digital booths that provide touch screen access to a wide range of digital services and content, including utilities. The 'smart' stations created in collaboration with Urban Vision, were previewed by Pietro Labriola, TIM Group CEO, on the occasion of the final day of the Italian Tech Week. The City of Milan will pave the way for the project, which, already in 2024, will make the streets and squares of the city increasingly smart and sustainable.

New digital booths by TIM

The redesigned digital cabins are inclusive, featuring sensors for personalized, easy access to information and services for all. The new booths offer infotainment, phone charging, digital payments, ticketing, and free calls to national numbers – a digital hub for citizens.

Focus on safety with the "Women+" button

Moreover, the digital booths, which are part of Tim’s wider project 'Equality cannot wait' for the gender gap, represent an important safeguard for safety in the face of potential risk situations. Thanks to the 'Women+' button you can access in real time a support service with operator to report, manage and assist the person who requests it. It is a social function that makes available to the community a tool to combat episodes of violence against women or phenomena of microcriminality.

The new TIM digital cabins: inclusive access, security and services for a Smart City

Also relevant is the support to culture, tourism and institutional information that in real time the City will provide its citizens, such as the artistic offer of the city, cinemas, theaters, museums, concerts and events, buy tickets, choose a restaurant, book a taxi, check the weather forecast and timetables of the means of transport, get info on traffic. The new booth integrates into the Smart City model promoted by TIM which - thanks to new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, 5G and iot- aims to create more livable urban spaces, sustainable and safe able to enhance the cultural and artistic heritage.

The cabin design follows top sustainability standards, achieving a carbon-neutral footprint through certified local compensation systems.The project enhances Italy's historical public telephony heritage during the disposal process. The start of the project will involve the city of Milan, where about 450 workstations will be gradually installed, the initiative will subsequently extend to another 13 major Italian cities for a total of about 2,500 digital booths.


Sustainability, historical enhancement and sustainable future

In the occasion of the presentation of the new digital booths, Tim CEO Pietro Labriola spoke to LaPresse. "Innovation is the key to more efficient solutions and delivering real benefits to society. With this project we transform the traditional cabin, born in the 50s, into a new generation multi-service door that will help make our cities more sustainable", said the ad.

"We have thus seized - he adds - the opportunity to give a second life to a part of our heritage, now exceeded by our habits, to make it evolve and also become an important safety device for women in situations of danger. The telephone booths will thus become a tool available to citizens and that confirms our commitment to gender and social inclusion in the era of smart cities".

"We are really proud to be a partner of TIM in this great project- says Gianluca De Marchi, CEO of Urban Vision -. In the development of the new TIM digital booth we have based on the principles that have always characterized our relationship with the city: create value for the community in terms of public utility, innovation and security, through technologically advanced solutions, totally integrated with the urban fabric".

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