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Asia’s biggest web3 event: let’s explore TOKEN2049’s world 

2 October 2022


The first day of this season of TOKEN2049 cryptocurrency conference was launched Wednesday in Singapore. It was the opening of a two-part report, the last part will be in London 9-10 November 2022. 


TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event where founders and executives of global leader Web3 corporations share their view about crypto industry and  global media to create network’s opportunities. 

This popular and very important event, take place every year in same countries. 

"TOKEN2049 brings together crypto-native and institutional minds to produce high-quality and engaging discussions." 

Santiago R. Santos

Web3 Investor


TOKEN2049 joins the most influential people, projects and companies that interact through meetups, workshops and networking opportunities. 

TOKEN 2049 is the most acclaimed event of Asia Crypto Week, which promote different engaging activities organized around this crypto celebration. 

There are different types of meetups, workshops, networking drinks, parties and Formula 1 Racing. 


In partnership between McLaren Racing and the crypto exchange OKX, Daniel Ricciardo cruises into crypto at TOKEN2049, building a variety of marketing that develop between the two brands.

Ricciardo appeared on a new advertising campaign inaugurated this year: he was standing by his F1 racing car while his “spirit animal” placed in the cockpit of the vehicle. 

The humorous sponsorship shows the actual unknown status of the cryptocurrency world.

"OKX is at the forefront, like we are with Formula 1, trying to innovate and be forward-thinking. It’s cool, I think this it’s the first time this has been done with a livery takeover," Ricciardo said. 


Jordi Alexander, Selini Capital Chief Investment Offer, said: “I think that in the next few months, we’ll see some crazy stuff – crazy headlines like we’ve seen recently with the pound. So [I’m] very cautious longer term. The thing that makes me extremely bullish are things like Bitcoin, ETH, for example, where you have a limited supply and you have kind of a generation that’s more and more interested in these assets.”

Also other important people at the conference were agree with him expressing similar foreshadow. 

Forkast write that Pantera Capital founder and Chief Executive Dan Morehead said that blockchain was positioned strongly over the medium to long term.


Mike Novogratz, an investor in Terra, was bullish about the decline that occurred on crypto markets in 2022. 

He said that Bitcoin had exceeded currencies - euro, sterling, Mexican Peso, South Korean Won - by about 20%. 

That means that if markets’ conditions will establish early, original crypto would “take off”. 

He said that the centralized models had failed also for irresponsibility and a high authority; in contrast, decentralized finance models had performed well. 

“The protocols, for the most part, worked exactly like they were supposed to, and so it’s a real advertisement, ironically, for on-chain,” he said. “It was the centralized companies run really poorly that blew up.”


An important sponsor in this TOKEN2049 edition is WEMADE, know all over the world as the creator of series Legend of Mir which features over 120 million players on the planet. 

WEMADE has been distributing blockchain games since 2020. 

Now, we can find its 14 titles on its platform WEMIX, including the most important and popular: MIR4. 

“With the industry growing at unprecedented levels and the amount of innovation it’s channeling globally, TOKEN2049 and the important conversations that it will catalyse couldn’t have come at a better time.” - said WEMADE’s spokeperson. 

As you may have guessed, TOKEN2049 is set to be the largest token economy’s event because it has a huge potential to transform industries and communities all over the world. 



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