TheMetaeconomist-Vitalik Buterin over Ethereum Merge

Vitalik Buterin over Ethereum Merge

3 September 2022


As Ethereum (ETH) advances toward the Merge, the blockchain’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin declares that his influence over the network has been decreasing, as many new developers are taking over multiple roles.

During an interview with economics blogger Noah Smith, Buterin said that he has been long wishing for Ethereum to evolve into an ecosystem “where my influence can decrease just because so many other amazing voices start to grow and express themselves.”

“In 2015, I was basically doing 80% of the 'research' in Ethereum, and I was even doing a large chunk of the Python coding.

In 2017, I was doing much less of the coding, and maybe 70% of the research.

By 2020, I was doing perhaps only a third of the research, and very little coding.

But I was still doing most of the 'high-level theorizing'. But over the last two years, even the high-level theorizing is something that has been slowly but surely slipping away from me,” he quoted.

While the programmer has not specified projects he is currently working on, he mentioned his latest interests and inspirations:

“On the further-from-crypto science front, the progress in biotech and AI has been amazing - in the latter case, some might say, perhaps a little too amazing.

We're starting to understand what both the politics and the technology of the 21st century is going to look like, and how each of the pieces of what we're working on are going to fit into the picture,” he quoted.


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