Artifact: the new way to live the life

Artifact: the new way to live the life

3 February 2023


Artifact is a feed in which are personalized articles. It, throughout the artificial intelligence, manages to capture the interests of users and give the possibility to discuss the online articles with friends. 

But, do you know who founders are? 

We have to come back to 2018, when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger - Instagram co-founders - decided to resign. 

2023, the ex co-founders want to get involved again in a new creation: here comes Artifact. 

Artifact’s name is a combination of “Artificial” and “Facts” and it sounds good as it allows you to immediately understand what it is.

The new app’s feed will be full of popular articles from the most important newspapers. 

Clicking on users’ favorites news, the new social will save these preferences, like TikTok did one “For You” section. Based on these preferences, Artifact will create a list of friends with the same interests who will be able to comment live on the news. 

This app feels like a mix based on TikTok and Twitter. 

The purpose of Artifact is to reduce disinformation or fake news and it will achieve this goal thanks to AI. 

In fact, machine learning will help to create ad hoc content for each user by recording how much time they spend reading. In this way, it will be possible to propose increasingly engaging articles from time to time. 

Artifact bodes well: it's a custom platform, well done and...twitter is about to collapse.

SOURCE: Wired 


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