Blockchain makes its entrance in the Zynga's videogames family: welcome to "Sugartown"

18 August 2023


Zynga announced the release of Sugartown, a new videogame that involves blockchain. It's the developer of cult and iconic videogames such as Farmville, Words With Friends, Cityville. It capturing the imagination of millions of gamers around the world since 2009 with social games. Zynga, is a giant games developer founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, California.

In the ever-changing landscape of the videogame industry, Zynga has already bet in the future technologies. Infact the company already worked for mobile devices and beyond. Now has made a stunning announcement that is capturing the attention of gamers and fans of technology from every part of the planet: the imminent launch of its first blockchain-based game, Sugartown.

Zynga is really opening new doors in the gaming experience and introducing its presence in the growing world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. One of the most distinctive features of Sugartown is the use of Ethereum-based NFTs, which allow players to immerse themselves in an alternative dimension full of creativity and exciting challenges.

What will change in the both system? The crypto space and the videogame world? Time will tell.

SOURCE: BorsaInside

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