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The world of football find the back of the net in Web3

30 November 2022


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DAVIDE MOSCARDELLI IL BARBAVERSO - Football has always been careful to follow the market trend to increase the engagement of fans. It was also one of the first worlds to take an active interest in blockchain with cryptocurrencies, NFT and Fan Tokens. It is also present for some time in the virtual world and video games. Now he is ready for a new revolution with Davide Moscardelli and his formats directly from the metaverse 'Il Barbaverso' and 'Il Barbaflash'.

Football goes hand in hand with Web3

The web3 with blockchain has multiple opportunities for implementation and use in the world of football and sports in general. Several clubs, leagues and athletes have proven willing to embrace blockchain technology in different ways: who selling advertising space to crypto companies, who, especially some clubs, simply agreeing to appear in an advertisement or to put crypto company logos on their team’s jerseys. This extra entry in particular in 2017 proved to be very efficient.

To this are added the new requirements of the titles. Fans, especially in the age of fantasy sports, are always looking for more content, more margin and "goodies" that can help them demonstrate their fandom among friends. While many clubs would never do that, a subscription platform that hosts internal updates, proprietary metrics, visual media, and other forms of team-focused content could easily convince hardcore fans to pay tens of euros to access it.

Achieving these economic results has become increasingly difficult in the era of the round-the-clock free sports news cycle, seven days a week: however, paid blockchain platforms even with utility tokens, full of unique and non-repeatable content, could further separate the real fan from the imitators.

The phenomenon of Fan Tokens

Some interesting concepts of the blockchain include the reward for the fans for interacting with the sites of the clubs, for their sharing of content and posts of appreciation, for the accumulation of unique tokens that can be exchanged for merchandise or other valuable prizes. in short, a kind of loyalty program for sports fans.

Clubs can also organize competitions on blockchain platforms, tying unique identifiers to fans who can buy tickets for club events and, accordingly, participate in competitions or giveaways.

In addition, clubs can use a blockchain platform to reward fans who, for example, depict an original Twitter avatar for the club account, with redeemable merchandise tokens and other club-related tokens.

All this is possible thanks to the use of Fan Tokens. These are cryptocurrencies, which are part of the category of utility tokens, which allow sports fans to access a series of goods and services that can influence the decisions of the team from which they are issued. Fans can buy Fan Tokens thanks to appropriate cryptocurrencies, but you don’t need to own them because the competent management app does the trading.

The Benefits of Fan Tokens for Sports Clubs

As for the club they represent a kind of "shares" acquired by a fan, but they do not lead to changes in the club and ownership of the club. The purchase of Fan Token does not also involve the acquisition of financial shares but only of particular services that can be used by the owner. In this way the teams are not forced to bear the financial costs that real actions entail.

Fan Tokens allow you to have quick revenues without having to deal with the banking system. In the world of football, the largest European clubs received around 175 million euros in 2021 alone. But they are not without risks. Being cryptocurrencies, such as "mother coins" do not have a fixed value, but subject to fluctuations. This entails risks especially for the buying fans, who may find themselves losing everything in no time. Losses can last for a long time or a short time, be highly significant or not. Between December 2020 and January 2021 there has already been such a situation with the token fans of Rome and Juventus who have lost respectively 76.6% and 36.3% of value.

How football clubs create NFT and Fan Tokens

For the realization of NFT and Fan Token the companies act in two ways, or rely on companies like Sorare or operate alone giving life to their projects such as the cases of Juventus and Fiorentina, for example. Or you can have a mix between the two as in the case of the Paris Saint Germain that made $PSG Fan Tokens, or the coin that the PSG created with Socios.com in 2020.

Interested in these technologies and new sources of revenue are also the federations such as the League Series A that created with Crypto.com 7 NFT depicting some important aspects of the final of the Italian Cup of 2021. There are also cases of individual players like Andrea Ranocchia who has put on the market "NFT IM SCUDETTO" his limited edition collection.

Sorare instead has put on sale an NFT of Cristiano Ronaldo that has generated revenues for 252.800 euros. While the Spanish Football Federation has put on sale Fan Token for a total of 12.5 million euros, buyable by every single fan for a price of 0.50 cents.

There are cases of clubs that have used cryptocurrencies as currency to pay part of their salaries to players. This is the case with PSG and Lionel Messi. The Argentine striker at the signing of the contract with the Parisian club accepted a contract of about 30 million per year plus bonuses of which a part is paid in $PSG Fan Tokens.

"Today in luxury the consumer wants more an experience than a product. The future challenge will be to transform what we live in store or at the stadium into digital. Or, who knows, into the metaverse" - Remo Ruffini president and a.d. of Moncler to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Davide Moscardelli leads the football revolution with Il Barbaverso

After the blockchain and the various forms of tokens it’s time for football to also experience the other side of the web3: the metaverse. And he does it with Davide Moscardelli.

From the collaboration with the bomber Davide Moscardelli (and his iconic beard) and the 3D technology of Advepa born two new formats, Barbaverso and Barbaflash, to talk about football and not only in a viral way. Davide Moscardelli’s avatar will lead the online broadcast, with the collaboration of journalist Arianna Botticelli, in an innovative 3D studio.

Davide Moscardelli will edit two video formats to comment on everything that happens in the world of football within the metaverse. The first episode is scheduled for Monday, November 21 and to access just download the app Barbaverso for IOS and Android and begin to interact in the metaverse platform.

To join the program as a public, just choose your avatar and reach Davide Moscardelli in the 3D studio to talk about football and sports even in the company of many guests! Every Monday at 18, appointment with IL BARBAVERSO.

It will also start an appointment with Davide Moscardelli avatar version in the world of metaverse and social: IL BARBAFLASH. Pills of a few minutes on the main topics of football and current affairs to stay up to date with the bomber Moscagol.

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