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Ethereum revolutionizes blockchain with Ethereum Phone

7 September 2023


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Ethereum, the blockchain platform that is transforming our world, has taken a further step towards a future where possibilities are endless and boundaries are pushed further and further. The platform created and marketed 50 smartphones, equipped with the operating system ethos that were sold in just 24 hours.

Ethereum: the revolutionary innovation behind blockchain

Ethereum is one of the most extraordinary innovations in the world of technology and finance in recent years. Founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that has greatly expanded the original concept of blockchain, introducing capabilities and capabilities that go far beyond the simple exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Among the latest innovations launched on the market is the operating system based on blockchain ethos.

ethos: maximizes the potential of Mining Rig

ethos is a specialized operating system designed specifically to simplify the mining of cryptocurrencies Ethereum. With an intuitive user interface and a host of advanced features, ethos has become an indispensable tool for cryptocurrency miners around the world. Here is an analysis of its main features:

  • Simple Remote Management

ethos is designed to be easily managed remotely. You can control and monitor your mining rigs from anywhere using an internet connection. This feature is especially useful for users who manage multiple devices.

  • Configuration Simple

To install and configure the operating system just create a boot image, put it in the mining rig and boot the system. ethos is preconfigured for mining ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies, so no complicated setup is required.

  • Performance Monitoring

ethos offers a number of real-time performance monitoring tools. You can keep an eye on the temperature of the graphics cards, power consumption and mining statistics. This allows you to optimize operations to maximize performance and reduce the risk of overheating.

  • Overclocking Sicuro

To get the most out of graphics cards, ethos offers the ability to overclock securely. It allows you to adjust the power of the GPUs to get a higher hash rate, but ethos also warns you of the potential risks of overheating to avoid hardware damage.

  • Multi-Mining support

ethos supports the mining of different cryptocurrencies, allowing you to vary the mining activity according to market conditions. You can easily switch from Ethereum to other coins like Zcash or Monero without having to reinstall the operating system.

The success of Ethereum Phone

As a further move Ethereum decided to market a smartphone already equipped with the operating system ethos. These are 50 devices, "Ethereum Phone" based on the Google Pixel 7 customized. These devices incorporate a lightweight Ethereum client, allowing the ethos to independently validate blocks and thus help turn the phone into a lightweight node within the blockchain platform network.

In order to purchase one of the 50 devices available in advance, buyers had to obtain a non fungible ethos token, which was later destroyed to book the phone.

The success of the pre-sale was such that some of these tokens ethos not fungible (NFT) were sold on OpenSea at a value of 3 ETH, corresponding to about 5,000 dollars, ten times the price of a Google Pixel 7a standard sold at 499 dollars in the United States. Of course there was no lack of scam attempts.

It is a remarkable success, that position Ethereum Phone in the third step of the podium in the ranking of Web3 smartphones. Only MetaVertu and Solana lead with Saga.

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