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New York Times vs OpenAI and Microsoft: a growing conflict over generative AI use

29 December 2023


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The New York Times, one of the pillars of information in the United States, has cast a strong shadow on the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) community by taking a firm stand against the use of its content to train artificial intelligence models. According to The Verge, the newspaper blocked OpenAI’s web crawler access to its content on August 17. This act of restriction prevents OpenAI from using The New York Times material to improve its AI.

After these actions, the newspaper also initiated legal action against OpenAI for alleged copyright infringement. But it wouldn't have stopped there. The lawsuit, in fact, would have also targeted the computing giant Microsoft. Pending the legal verdict, the newspaper has also recently amended its terms of service to explicitly prohibit the use of its content to train artificial intelligence models.

The stance of the New York Times

According to the New York Times, the Chatbots of the two big tech companies compete with the newspaper as a reliable source of information. The newspaper is seeking compensation from the Southern District Court of New York, demanding a ban on technology companies using its content and the destruction of the data set related to media work.

"The journalism of the Times is the work of thousands of journalists, whose use costs hundreds of millions of dollars a year" - reads the complaint - "spend the billions of dollars that the Times has invested in the creation of that work, using it without permission or compensation".

Authors against Open AI

With this action, the New York Times would join other authors who have already sued OpenAI for the use of copyrighted data, including Books3 content, used to train ChatGPT. Same thing for Matthew Butterick, programmer and lawyer, who accuses OpenAI of data scraping practices similar to software piracy.

SOURCE: La Stampa, Tgcom24


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