Not only Chat Gpt. Meta unveils I-Jepa, it's own AI model. The announcement in Paris

15 June 2023


Yann LeCun, vice president and head of artificial intelligence at Meta, announced in Paris the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) model that is increasingly approaching human intelligence. His name is Jepa. "The future fascinates me. I am only interested in understanding the mistakes of the present and how to overcome them". Yann LeCun, head of Meta's AI team, thinks like an algorithm. Deep learning at the basis of artificial intelligences, after all, is also this: learning from mistakes to solve increasingly complex tasks. Like a cyclist does when he falls off his bicycle, for example, and thinks back to the moment he lost his balance and why it happened.

After a big investiment on the metaverse division, Meta decided to change course and is now heading towards AI. Meta's AI model works more with a human-like level of understanding and reasoning, in order to better understand user intent, interpret context, and provide more accurate and relevant responses. Meta's goal is to create an artificial intelligence capable of a deeper understanding of human language and context, thus improving interactions with users. I-Jepa seems able to overcome the limitations of traditional AIs, which often produce generic or inaccurate answers. Meta's goal is to improve the user experience on social platforms, with a more natural and personalized interaction.


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