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Top performance in the weekend for AI tokens

20 November 2023


Over the weekend, AI tokens went at the top of their trend, linked to a series of developments related to key companies in the sector. There were a couple of example followed by a big enthusiastic answer about this trend. One is the Elon Musk statements on xAI tokens: "Elon Musk said that X Corp shareholders boast a 25% stake in xAI, his new AI venture, and that he recently began testing his Grok chatbot. As Crypto Slate explains, Sam Altman's move from OpenAI to Microsoft, where he will head a new research team on advanced artificial intelligence, also had positive repercussions. Bittensor's TAO token rose a further 4.2% after rising 77% over the past week. Ocean Protocol's OCEAN, Fetch AI's FET, and SingularityNet's AGIX have increased by up to 16% in the last 24 hours". Data from CryptoSlate shows that digital assets in the sector grew by more than 9% over the last day and by over 11% during the past week. Additionally, tokens in the sector saw their trading volume exceed $1 billion during the last 24 hours.

yPredict's case

On the surprising raising of AI tokens a central role was played by YPRED, whose pre-sale is sailing quickly towards 5 million dollars. yPredict is an advanced platform used for research and analysis in the field of trading. Its goal is to provide valuable information to help operators make informed decisions. It brings together artificial intelligence/machine learning experts, financial quants and expert traders, committed to developing various analytical tools and platforms that use the latest financial forecasting methods and metrics. yPredict offer access to data-driven insights, proven analytics metrics and even a prediction marketplace.

yPredict, what it is for?

The cryptocurrency market is always going ap and down, for this reason it can discourage the less experienced from investing their money in any token. YPredict, an all-in-one trading dashboard, was born to simplify the prediction of price movements for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The aim of yPredict is to become a point of reference for investors, analysts and traders, given that it uses artificial intelligence to make the results of its forecasts accurate and offers metrics that are easy to understand for everyone, even the less experienced. The platform offers a free subscription, but you will need to have YPRED tokens to access the premium tools.

yPredict stands out as one of the most cutting-edge cryptocurrency platforms, thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence. It offers a range of interactive services based on real-time market data, such as creating crypto predictions through AI, which analyzes assets precisely thanks to access to relevant data and machine learning models. Furthermore, the platform provides a trading signal system that allows users to receive real-time notifications on the best market opportunities, even for assets already present in their wallet. Finally, yPredict offers market sentiment analysis, allowing you to identify purchasing trends and identify cryptocurrencies to monitor more carefully. According to numerous cryptocurrency market experts, the promising future of this platform is largely linked to the key role of its native token: YPRED. The services mentioned previously, in fact, are accessible exclusively through the purchase of a subscription with the YPRED token, which gives them a crucial role in the internal dynamics of the ecosystem.

SOURCE: Crypto Slate, Coin News, Coin Market Cap

Photo credit: Steve Johnson

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ai tokens - themetaeconomist

Top performance in the weekend for AI tokens

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