Altman is back, former OpenAI CEO is in charge again. Revolution in the Board

23 November 2023


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As a perfect plot of twist, Sam Altman is returning as the chief executive of OpenAI. Altman, who was taken out in a video call by the OpenAI board on Friday, was reinstated as CEO on Tuesday night. Altman is returning alongside co-founder Greg Brockman. As Pbs reported: "the hot tech startup behind ChatGPT is not only bringing Altman back, it’s also overhauling the board that fired him, ending a dramatic five-day standoff that’s transfixed Silicon Valley and the artificial intelligence industry. Geoff Bennett discussed the latest with Mike Isaac of The New York Times".

According to sources interviewed by Reuters, the sudden and temporary dismissal of Sam Altman last week by the OpenAI board of directors was the consequence of the discovery of an Artificial General Intelligence that Altman wanted to commercialize before studying its consequences on the 'humanity.

OpenAI's team collection of signatures

After the Board decision over the firing of Almtma, 700 of the 800 OpenAI workers decided to collect signatures to bring Altman back. Almost all the employees were ready to follow ChatGpt's father to Microsoft. As we wrote here, among the signatories of the letter to the Board, in addition to the employees, the names of:

  • Ilya Sutskever, who informed Altman of his dismissal;
  • Mira Murati, appointed interim CEO after Altman’s dismissal and already replaced with Emmet Shear.

Who goes an who stays

Three of the previous four members of the board of directors have been ousted. Out Ilya Sutskever, head of the OpenAI scientific team and that last week was the protagonist of the anti-Altman faction. Out Tasha McCauley, computer scientist at the Rand corporation, in contact with movements that support the Terminator thesis. Out Helen Toner, director of the center for security and emerging technologies at Georgetown University, also close to the millennialist movements of artificial intelligence, and author of an academic research that criticized ChatGpt and exalted its direct rival, Anthropic Claude. All three were convinced that Altman was not transparent enough and for years they fought to limit his powers, until they took the decision to oust him from Open AI.

As Time reported: "the board’s new chair is Bret Taylor, the former co-CEO of Salesforce. Also on the new board are Larry Summers, the former Treasury Secretary, and Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, the only remaining member of the board that fired Altman. It is unclear whether more members will be added subject to further negotiations”

SOURCES: Time, Pbs


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